The function of recordChange(Var ) Store.

  • Misael Viveros Castro

    I would like to know more recordChange function, I'm trying to do a restoration of some level, which remember the changed value of a special variable. I can do this in JACOP. accept any other suggestions.

    Thanks for the help


  • Radoslaw Szymanek


    I am not sure I understand your question fully.

    recordChange function purpose is to make sure that the index of the variable which has changed is included in the set of variables indexes that needs to be restored when a level is removed. It records any change, change to the domain, change to the constraints being attached to the variable. removeLevel function execution can be improved thanks to information that approximates the set of variables that needs special work to restore their previous domain (before the level being removed).

    Anytime you call recordChange function for a given variable x at a given level l, you will have guarantee that function call x.removeLevel(l) will be called by the store upon the removal of the level l.

    Hope that helps.



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