#21 ROT can get corrupted, leading to leaks and VM crashes

1.12 Accepted

In the current ROT implementation, the keys used for the ROT are created like this:

protected static Object getMapKey( Map targetMap, JacobObject o ) {
if ( targetMap instanceof WeakHashMap ) {
return o;
} else {
return new Integer( o.hashCode() );

This is problematic when com.jacob.autogc is false: o.hashCode() doesn't have to be unique, and in an application I'm writing, there actually are a few collisions (I'm dealing with many objects). These collisions leave some objects behind, which can even lead to VM crashes when they're collected after ComThread.Release() has been called.

To me, the different key and value handling for HashMap and WeakHashMap doesn't make sense. Maybe it's an artifact from the past?

The attached patch (relative to the 1.11.1 source) removes the getMapKey and getMapValue methods and always uses the object directly as the key and null as the value (both of which was already the case for WeakHashMap). After applying this patch, I don't have ROT-related leaks or crashes anymore.

Any objections to the patch?


  • Andreas Junghans

    Patch for ROT.java against 1.11.1 source

  • clay_shooter

    clay_shooter - 2007-03-10

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    This patch has been accepted and will make the 1.12 build.

    The hashmap key handling was a legacy from when the autogc handler was added. We didn't change the way the old (manual-gc) code worked.

  • clay_shooter

    clay_shooter - 2007-03-10
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