Kencik - 2014-01-10


I would like to get some tickets from Quality Center using Jacob. There is a lot of examples in internet but all is written in vba. When I try to "translate" this into java using jacob, I have a problem to set a filter.

A sample how to do this in VBA :

Set bugfilter = BugFact.Filter
bugfilter.Filter("BG_PROJECT") = "Salesforce"
Set bugList = bugfilter.NewList
CountVal = bugList.Count

In java :
Dispatch bugFilter = Dispatch.get(bugFactory, "Filter").toDispatch();


Dispatch bugs =, "NewList").toDispatch();
int count = Dispatch.get(bugs, "Count").changeType(Variant.VariantInt).getInt();

So I don't know, how can "translate" this : bugfilter.Filter("BG_PROJECT") = "Salesforce"

Can someone help me ?