clay_shooter - 2011-12-06

I act as a maintainer and release coordinator for this project. I actually got involved in this about 8 years ago when I submitted a patch.  I needed a fix and ended up owning the project.

Jacob is relatively stable so I only do releases for submitted patches, bug fixes or enhancements.  All of the code changes in the last few releases were user submitted.  The most common reasons for patch rejection are a lack of test cases or because the fix in someway violates an underlying paradigm of the library.  Changes will also be rejected if they are very specific to a particular problem that complicates the code for everyone else.

There is currently no commercial support offering. Someone recently asked if this was a serious project.  I would say yes, this is a serious project with thousands of users running in custom and COTS applications. 

Email to me is rarely answered. I try and avoid direct support mostly because it can be very time involving and because I don't want to imply any type of SLA for questions.  I will respond to email about patch submissions or enhancements submitted via sourceforge.