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  • TGClark

    TGClark - 2012-12-12

    It is clear from this forum and from trying to use this (potentially very useful) package - Jacob - that it is an incredibale waste of time, doomed to frustrated hair-tearing rage, to try to figure out how to use it. Presumably it does work, and there are some people who do understand how to use it. Are you all just giggling away thinking all the rest of us are idiots?
    For goodness sake grow up and explain a bit !!! Aaaagh!!!

  • clay_shooter

    clay_shooter - 2012-12-15

    Most folks start with the code examples. They show how to use jacob with several different applications.  The setup guide also tells how you have to comple/run jacob to get it work.

    Its a coders tool for people who are comfortable poking at both the Java and native side. I'd suggest you use something else if you are looking for a more cookie cutter package.  Jacob is never going to be that.

  • 5272670

    5272670 - 2013-03-29

    Hello Dear Author, I'm using the 1.7-M2 version of the call OCX control inside the callback function when there has been an error:
    "com.jacob.com.ComFailException: Invoke of: IdentificationFromStrInFPCacheDB
    Source: ZKFPEngXControl.ZKFPEngX
    Description: Variant or safe array is locked"
    I would like to ask how to solve? Searched programs like midas.dll file version is too low it can not succeed will be able to give some of the programs you are very grateful for this, because English is not good so use translation tool, please forgive me.
    My mailbox 381766773@qq.com, in this extremely grateful to!


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