Problem of JACOB on Windows XP and IE

  • chrisgcms

    chrisgcms - 2013-04-02

    Dear All,

    I am working on a project that uses JACOB (version 1.15-M2) to launch IE (version 8) and navigate to a specific URL. Here is an example of the URL being used: .

    I developed this program on Windows 7 (IE version is 10), and it works fine every single time. However, when I tested it on Windows XP (IE version is 8), some interesting problem happened.

    1) The IE window always started successfully. (Good)
    2) The first navigation always successful. (Good)
    3) The second navigation will fail and based on the feed back from server, it seems that the server cannot authenticate the user. (Bad)
    4) The third navigation will success. (Good but weird).
    5) The fourth navigation will fail (same as 3).

    It seems to me that the odd navigation calls always success but the even ones always fail. This only happens on XP (IE7 or IE8 doesn't matter, I tried both), and on Window 7, its fine.

    I tried old JACOB versions, like 1.14.3 (I think that is probable the last update before Window 7 being released). The problem remains the same.

    If anyone encountered such issue and know the solution to it, please let me know.

    I appreciate your time of viewing this post.

    Best regards,


  • chrisgcms

    chrisgcms - 2013-04-02

    To add some clarifications: when I said "fail" in the message above, I am not talking about any JACOB exceptions. The call to 'Navigate' returns OK without thrown any exception. Instead, I mean that the server seems don't understand the URL. If I print out the URL just before the 'Navigate' call, and copy that URL and paste to a IE address bar, then it works fine.


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