#95 Excel instance getting stuck(Hang) frequently

Jacob COM (35)
Amit Kale

2010-10-22 17:19:52 SCT
Hi ,
I am using JACOB (jacob-1.14.3.jar) for reading the data from excel 2007 files. The issue which I am facing currently is the external excel instance gets stuck sometimes in a real production environment. As a workaround I tried to close that instance using multi threading and calling the excel Application.Quit directly on the same object but it didnt work out. The excel instance doesnt get killed and program keeps on hanging. Did you face this issue and do you have a soultion on the same ?



  • Amit Kale

    Amit Kale - 2010-10-25
    • labels: --> Jacob COM
    • milestone: --> 1.14.3
    • priority: 5 --> 9
  • ijk

    ijk - 2012-02-24

    What i found is that Excel process will not exit every time when running on jre1.5.0_20, though we had called Application.Quit. But it will be fine with the same class file on jre1.6.0_26. I had tested with JACOB 1.5,1.6-M1,1.6-M2 on WindowsXP SP3, and get the same result.

    I guess the JNI dll had bean linked with jdk1.6's lib files and result to issues when running on jre1.5. I will rebuild the dll with jre1.5 when i have extra time.

  • ijk

    ijk - 2012-03-10

    I am sorry that my program had not called "ComThread.Release" before exit. That is the reason why Excel process will Hang there on JVM1.5. Jacob's implementation is good, and it's all my client program's fault.

  • clay_shooter

    clay_shooter - 2013-07-24
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