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Jackcess 1.2.9 released

Jackcess 1.2.9 Release

  • Add some more functionality to Joiner to facilitate integrity enforcement (hasRows and deleteRows).
  • Added DatabaseBuilder in for more convenient and flexible Database open/create.
  • Added the MemFileChannel (and associated support in DatabaseBuilder) to enable working with Database files completely in memory.
  • Fix some more edge cases in date/time conversions.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2013-01-12

Jackcess 1.2.8 release

Jackcess 1.2.8 Release

  • Add osgi header information to the manifest. Fixes 3523179.
  • Add ImportUtil.toColumns to enable more advanced Table creation implementations. Fixes 3523181.
  • Fix NPE when running unit tests with db format MSISAM. Fixes 3529534.
  • Fix writing partial pages when CodecHandler is in use. Note, this fix involves a backwards incompatible change to the CodecHandler interface (Jackcess Encrypt 1.0.3 or later is compatible with this version of Jackcess). Fixes 3532250.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2012-07-11

Jackcess 1.2.7 released

Jackcess 1.2.7 Release

  • Add initial support for linked tables. Linked tables will now be loaded by the normal Database.getTable method. Linked tables can be created using the new Database.createLinkedTable method. Linked table resolution can be customized per Database by supplying a custom LinkResolver. Fixes 3479560.
  • Rename and refactor the Cursor find methods to improve usability.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2012-04-03

Jackcess 1.2.6 released

Jackcess 1.2.6 Release

  • Add support for reading/writing complex column data (version history, attachments, multi-value columns).
  • Fix problem with creating tables with indexes where ms access could not open the created table
  • Fix problem with reading row from table with deleted/added columns
  • Reuse previously written memo/ole values when updating other values in a row in order to reduce unnecessary data duplication
  • Allow ImportFilter and ExportFilter to return null from filterRow() to indicate that a row should be skipped
  • Add option to import file without headers to existing table
  • Add ImportUtil.Builder and ExportUtil.Builder to simplify import/export operations
Posted by James Ahlborn 2011-12-17

Jackcess 1.2.5 released

Jackcess 1.2.5 Release

  • Try multiple classloaders when loading resources as streams
  • Add the Joiner utility and some new methods to IndexCursor to make it easier to join tables using pre-defined (index backed) relationships
  • Enable basic handling of unsupported data types as binary content.
  • Add methods to approximate table size.
  • Add Database.getSystemTableNames to enable retrieving the list of system/hidden tables.
  • Fix issue with reading Access 97 database with large number of fields.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2011-10-20

Jackces 1.2.4 Released

Jackcess 1.2.4 Release

  • Refactor table loading to use indexes. Do not load all table names at database startup (should make startup faster).
  • Add support for reading properties blobs. Add methods for accessing database, summary, and user-defined properties from the Database. Add methods to Table and Column for accessing their respective properties.
  • Add support for Access 2010, including new "General" sort order (support for super-long text index entries still needs work).
  • Access expects a row to be at least big enough to hold all fixed values, even if they are null. Fixes 3287626.
  • Add Index.getReferencedIndex for retrieving the referenced Index for a foreign key index.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2011-05-15

Jackcess 1.2.3 released

Jackcess 1.2.3 Release

  • Add support for writing all fixed length column types into variable length fields. Fixes 3181334
  • More fixes related to reading and interpreting index information. Handle multiple logical indexes backed by the same index data. Interpret foreign key constraint information. Fixes 3192058
  • Add support for creating indexes when creating a new table. Normal indexes and primary key indexes are currently supported. Foreign key indexes are not yet supported.
  • Allow MSISAM files to be written (experimental).
Posted by James Ahlborn 2011-03-05

Jackcess 1.2.2 released

Jackcess 1.2.2 Release Notes

  • Add support for specifying a quote character on import from flat files.
  • Add support for reading database password.
  • Add support for plugging in implementations of various page encoding/decoding algorithms. See the Jackcess Encrypt project (http://jackcessencrypt.sourceforge.net/) for a CodecProvider implementation which supports a few of the Access encodings. (thanks to Vladimir Berezniker). Fixes 3065010.
  • Implement some tweaks which allow jackcess to be used on the Android platform. See the FAQ for more details. (thanks to Miha Pirnat). Fixes 3101578.
  • Allow output column order in tables to be configured. Fixes 3097387.
  • Add support for custom column value matching when finding rows using a Cursor. Fixes 3105829.
  • Ignore usagemap inconsistencies in certain (safe) situations.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2010-11-30

Jackcess 1.2.1 Released

Jackcess 1.2.1

  • Add ExportUtil and associated utilities for exporting tables to flat files (thanks to F. Gerbig). Fixes 3005272.
  • Fix some places where table/columns names were not being handled case-insensitively. Fixes 3011084.
  • Make Database.escapeIdentifier public; add methods to TableBuilder and ColumnBuilder to optionally escape names. Fixes 3029500.
  • Add support for overriding charset and tiemzone used when reading/writing database. Fixes 2997751.
  • Add support for reading Access 97 (jet format 3) databases (thanks to F. Gerbig). Fixes 3003375.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2010-08-02

Jackcess 1.2.0 Released

Jackcess 1.2.0

  • Add support for access 2002/2003/2007 databases!
  • Enable "large" index support by default. It can still be disabled via a variety of means, see the Database javadoc for more details.
  • Fix BigIndexTest to work in IDE's w/out sys.prop.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2010-04-19

Jackcess 1.1.21 Released

Jackcess 1.1.21

  • Add support for indexing strings containing any characters from BMP 0. Fixes 2920092
  • Set overflow info in header row, not in last data row. Fixes 2919216
  • Handle more binary/character input types (Blob, Clob, InputStream,
    Reader), based on user submitted patch.
  • Refactor import/copy methods from Database into ImportUtil. Allow
    reuse of existing tables. make behavior/naming of copy and import
    methods consistent. (ideas from submitted patch).
  • Further improvements to date handling. Fixes 2899605
Posted by James Ahlborn 2010-01-20

Jackcess 1.1.20 released

Jackcess 1.1.20

  • Add support for updating GUID indexes and for auto-number GUID fields.
  • Add support for updating rows in a table.
  • Support reading/writing fixed length text fields.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2009-11-19

Jackcess 1.1.19 released

Jackcess 1.1.19

  • Add support for reading MS Access queries
  • Be more forgiving for input column length. Fixes #2788029
Posted by James Ahlborn 2009-06-14

Jackcess 1.1.18 released

Jackcess 1.1.18

  • Add ErrorHandler utility for customizing error handling during row parsing.
  • Add RowFilter contributed by Patricia Donaldson.
  • Add Database.getSystemTable method for accessing system tables.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-11-08

Jackcess 1.1.17 released

Jackcess 1.1.17

  • Fix simple index handling of tail index pages
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-09-24

Jackcess 1.1.16 released

Jackcess 1.1.16

  • Reserve minimum space for memo/ole fields so that greedy inline row usage does not cause spurious write failures for wide tables.
  • Better column type translation for very large MEMO/OLE types in the Database.copyTable logic.
  • Add some more limit checking into table creation based on what access supports (max rows per table, max identifier lengths).
  • Share out-of-line long value pages in order to generate more compact database files.
  • Add primitive support for writing unicode compressed text columns.
  • Add compression code for possible future use; add compression unit tests.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-07-25

Jackcess 1.1.15 released

Jackcess 1.1.15

  • Fix writing of large memo/ole fields. Apparently Access does not like long value fields longer than 4076 bytes. Fixes 1998225.
  • Reduce maximum row size to what Access considers valid.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-06-28

Jackcess 1.1.14 released

Jackcess 1.1.14

  • Need to store auto-number values back into row so that indexes can be updated correctly.
  • Access seems to limit data pages to a max of 255 rows.
  • Added experimental support for "large" indexes. The current support is optional. It can be enabled via a variety of means, see the Database javadoc for more details.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-04-29

Jackcess 1.1.13 released

Jackcess 1.1.13

  • More fixes for index parsing. Believe index names are now correctly matched up with indexes. Fixes 1913775
  • Simplify comparison algorithms for RowId and Index.Entry using type attributes
  • Expand the characters supported in index updates to all of the ISO-8859-1 character set. Fixes 1906160
  • Fix bug caused by sign extension when reading single-byte row numbers.
  • Modify Index update support so that it honors the "unique" and "ignoreNulls" properties for the Index.
  • Add support for reading table relationships.
  • Fix creation of tables with auto-number columns.
    Completely fix problems with sporadic usage map corruption. Fixes 1832723
  • Add some soft buffer caching in various places to avoid excessive buffer reallocation.
  • Add some builder-style utilities for table creation (ColumnBuilder, TableBuilder).
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-03-21

Jackcess 1.1.12 Released

Jackcess 1.1.12

  • Resolve more edge cases around date handling.
  • Fix writing of large memo/ole fields. Apparently Access does not like "inline" fields longer than 64 bytes. Fixes 1899076
  • Fix generation of security access control entries. Use userIds already existing in the database file instead of hard-coded userIds, if possible. Fixes 1898793
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-02-27

Jackcess 1.1.11 Released

Users of versions 1.1.9 and above are recommended to upgrade to this version due to the possible file corruption bug fixed in this release.

- Support reading inline usage maps with more than 512 pages.
- Fix some problems with sporadic usage map corruption.
- Move from cvs to subversion.

Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-01-21

Jackcess 1.1.10 released

Release 1.1.10

  • Add index based table traversal support to Cursor with optional sub-range narrowing. Add position save/restore, row find, and a variety of other features.
  • Move table iteration out of Table and into Cursor. First stage in offering more complicated table access.
  • Update table row count correctly on row deletion or bulk row addition, bug #1681954..
  • Add experimental support for auto-number columns, feature request #1565216.
  • Move project to maven2 and change project groupId to com.healthmarketscience.jackcess.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2007-12-26

jackcesss 1.1.10 moving to maven 2 and new groupId

Just wanted to let everyone know that the 1.1.10 release of jackcess will be built using maven 2. for now, the maven 1 project.xml will be left in the project, but it may disappear in a future release.

Also, as part of the integration with the OpenHMS project, the maven groupId for jackcess will be changing to com.healthmarketscience.jackcess. This change should be fairly painless through the magic of maven (ibiblio will be updated so that it should automagically forward to the new groupId).

Posted by James Ahlborn 2007-12-05

Jackcess 1.1.9 released

Release 1.1.9 done on 2007-07-12

Changes in this release:
- fix - Add support for writing large table definitions, bug #1675522.
- fix - Fix handling of usage maps for large tables, bug #1748827.
- fix - Fixed some edge cases for reading numeric columns, bug #1672071.

Posted by James Ahlborn 2007-07-13

Jackcess 1.1.8 released

Release 1.1.8 done on 2007-02-13

Changes in this release:

  • update - Additional info in DataType to support better type validation (scale/precision range). Add "unit size" concept.
  • update - Add CLOB support in JDBC handling. Add general support for large types (BLOB/CLOB).
  • update - Enhance Database.copyTable/importReader to allow for better control over column definitions and row values through the ImportFilter. Change default type translation to handle large and variable length types better.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2007-02-14

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