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Read Me


JACK Rack is a LADSPA effects rack for the JACK audio API.  It uses
GTK+ 2 (and optionally GNOME 2) for the GUI.  LADSPA version 1.1 is needed. 
In order to save rack configurations, libxml2 is needed.

It also understands LRDF XML descriptions of LADSPA plugins.  LRDF support
needs liblrdf, available from  This in turn
needs raptor, available from 


The usual autoconf gubbins: ./configure && make && make install.  See
INSTALL for more details.


Assuming you have some LADSPA plugins installed, make sure you have your
LADSPA_PATH environment variable set to include them.  If you don't have any
LADSPA plugins installed, head over to and grab Steve
Harris's excellent plugin collection.

JACK Rack searches for .rdf and .rdfs files in
/usr/local/share/ladspa/rdf and /usr/share/ladspa/rdf by default.  You can
change this search path using the LADSPA_RDF_PATH environment variable.

JACK Rack doesn't do any port connecting by default, so you might want to
use QJackConnect or jack_connect to connect it up.  Alternatively, if you
use the -i command line option, JACK Rack will try to connect its input
ports to the capture ports of whatever physical devices are in the system. 
The -o option works similarly for the outputs.

When you lock a line of controls, all but one of the controls will be
hidden.  Using the Lock button, this will be the first control. This can
hinder things if you want to use a value which isn't the first.  In this
case, you can hold down the CTRL key and click on the control you want
to remain visible.  The line will lock, but the clicked-on control will be
the visible one.  Clicking with mouse button 3 works similarly, but with
Lock All instead.

Right-clicking on plugin controls or wet/dry controls will bring up a
context menu allowing you to add MIDI controls.


See for new versions and details of
the jack-rack mailing lists.

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