#6 Add support for .NET


1. Generate managed classes so that JACE-generated
proxies could be transparently called from
2. Expose properties available in Java via getXX()/setXX()
methods using .NET syntax, so that programming made
more easy.
3. Add GC-interaction code for proxies so that when a
JACE proxy object is GC'd by CLR, the underlying java
object would be freed as well.
I believe that could be accomplished by introducing a
java class holding a references to underlying java
objects represented in .NET as JACE-generated proxies
(which are managed by .NET runtime). The trick would
be that after proxy object is about to be freed by .NET
GC, the reference to underlying java object in Java VM is
freed, so that it could be swept by Java GC as well.


  • Toby Reyelts

    Toby Reyelts - 2002-10-15

    Logged In: YES

    This all sounds nice, but AFAICT this isn't anything that is
    required to make Jace proxy classes usable in .NET, since
    .NET is supposed to already be able to integrate with
    "legacy code".

    I have no problem adding new ease-of-use features to Jace,
    but I'm much more inclined to spend my time on supporting
    features that apply to all platforms.

    If you'd like to make the time investment to add these
    features to Jace w/o breaking it on other platforms, I'd be
    happy to integrate them into a formal release.

    God bless,
    -Toby Reyelts

  • Toby Reyelts

    Toby Reyelts - 2002-10-15
    • status: open --> closed

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