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Java Accumulators and Variants / News: Recent posts

JAccumulator 4.0 BETA-2 Released

JAccumulator introduces scalar isomorphism and Javascript-like associative list structures to the Java programming environment. Changes for 4.0 BETA-2:

* Accumulator.update() and Accumulator.applyAll(Accumulator<?>...) introduced
* LongArrayCursor, IntegerArrayCursor, ShortArrayCursor, DoubleArrayCursor and FloatArrayCursor introduced and tested

Posted by Nicole Tedesco 2012-05-16

JAccumulator 4.0 BETA-1 Released

* COMPLETE redesign (sorry)
* New structure introduces the Primitive heirarchy as distinct from Accumulator
* Primitives are the simple value carriers, Accumulators introduce heirarchical composition, and Accumulators expand on Primitives through inclusion, not direct extension
* Accumulators are a three-way association between a Primitive, a Javascript-like associative list (from Jupperware), and a function
* Accumulator-level function implementation development is left to other packages, NOT JAccumulator
* Primitive-level functions are included such as RandomPrimitive and Milliseconds
* The BETA-1 package will be released to use and testing prior to the completion of documentation
* I promise, this one WILL come out of beta!

Posted by Nicole Tedesco 2012-05-14

JAccumulator 2.1 Beta-2 Released

The default Variant implementation only includes INTEGER, DOUBLE and String delegates although more can be added if, and when desired

Posted by Nicole Tedesco 2007-04-20

JAccumulator 2.1 Beta-1 Released

I had a requirement change that forced me to make a good sized design change in short order--the good news is that I have FINALLY added "Variant!" Yay! Let me know if my changes are screwing you up. (Since no one has yet told me they are actually USING JAccumulator, I felt it just fine to go ahead and make my changes.)

Posted by Nicole Tedesco 2007-04-20

JAccumluator 2.0 Beta-2 Released

This will be the last beta release prior to the 2.0 formal release. Beta 2 introduces the StringAccumulator and stronger String formatting support. (Of course, various bugs were addressed.)

Posted by Nicole Tedesco 2007-04-10

JAccumulator 2.0 Beta-1 Released

JAccumulator 2.0 Beta-1 has been released. This release includes "Venetian Blind" interface design, better support for generics, and now integrates boolean and char as numeric values.

Posted by Nicole Tedesco 2007-03-27