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#155 Modified ADS fetcher search plugin and Jabref

Next full release

I started to modify and extend the "JabRef ADS fetcher" search plugin by Ryo Igarashi. Now it is possible to search for nearly all keywords, according to description at

#1 ===============
I modified/rewrite the ADS fetcher plugin in a way, that one can ask for several parameters like authors, title, year etc. Most useful keywords are predefined in combo-boxes, but may be overwritten by any valid keyword, as described on the ADS homepage and may also be looked up by the "help" button (for that I had to modify the code, see below). So you may enter either "hug, a" and select "Author" from the combo-box, OR you enter "author=hug, a" and select "None or special keyword". I did not implement double check for the case people will select a keyword from the combo-box and use additional keyword in the text field.

The plugin will include the abstract (if available) and may search also for DOI numbers. So maybe in future, this plugin can serve as a replacement for the existing "ADS fetcher" plugin.

As I started from existing plugin, I kept the file structure, but this may not be valid. Also, the link in /lib inside the attached archive will be broken (replace or link to most recent jabref.jar, including my changes below) before running the ant script (or just copy the ADSsearch-0.1.jar to the plugins-dir of jabref).

The plugin should also run on the latest SVN version, but I highly recommend to apply my modifications (compare with attached screenshot).

#2 ===============
By that, I also modified the Jabref code (find attached diff file).
Most important modifications:

* Added window title to the dialog, using already existing keyword "Search results"

* Moved OptionsPanel (if present in plugin) between the text field and the search button. By this the search form feels more natural (see also attached screen shot).
* Reset action also works on JText-fields (setText("")) and jComboboxes (set to index 0) on OptionPanel. and
* Moved logic for forward-backward navigation from HelpContent to HelpDialog
* Help page can also be a webpage elsewhere (www)
* links to external webpages are also supported
* There are still some minor bugs when pressing "index" button, order of history is mixed somehow. I will spend some more time on that
* complexity of help-pages is limited by rendering capability of JTextFiled, of course.

#3 ====

I hope you like my contribution!

Regards Alex


  • Alexander Hug

    Alexander Hug - 2011-06-14

    ADS Search plugin, source, ANT script

  • Alexander Hug

    Alexander Hug - 2011-06-14

    Diff against SVN 3552

  • Alexander Hug

    Alexander Hug - 2011-06-14

    Screenshot with applied Diff

  • Oliver Kopp

    Oliver Kopp - 2012-11-17
    • assigned_to: Morten Omholt Alver
    • milestone: --> Next release

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