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News moved to www.jabref.org/blog

Due to various reasons, JabRef hosting moves from sourceforge to GitHub. This includes the news. Please head forward to http://www.jabref.org/blog/ for the latest news.

More information on the transfer is given at https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues/111

Posted by Oliver Kopp 2016-04-18

JabRef 2.11 released

We are glad to announce the release of JabRef 2.11. There was a long discussion whether we should release 2.11 or whether we should drop that release completely and focus on the next mayor release of JabRef. Since JabRef 2.11 is the last version with Java6 and plugin support, we decided to push the release to offer others to take over maintenance if desired.

The integration of plugin functionality into JabRef is tracked at https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues/152. Feel free to comment there.... read more

Posted by Oliver Kopp 2015-11-12

JabRef 2.11 beta 4 released

Today, we released beta 4 of the 2.11 series and close to the final release. It will be the last version with Java 6 and plugin support. Please show up if you see any show stoppers. Otherwise, we will release as is.

Full revision history is available at http://jabref.sourceforge.net/revisionhistory.php#v2.11b4 .

Posted by Oliver Kopp 2015-09-10

JabRef 2.11 beta 3 released

The main highlight of this version is the new MacOSX integration.
We had to include one breaking change, because we modernized the libraries used by JabRef:
It is not possible any more to pass an option file to the CLI command.
If anyone needs that, please show up on the mailing list and we try to sort things out.

Behind the scenes, we are working hard to modernize the development and the code.
Please follow our development at https://github.com/JabRef/jabref and help if you can!... read more

Posted by Oliver Kopp 2015-06-21

JabRef 2.11 beta 2 released

We released a new beta version. Most importantly, it runs again on non-Windows systems.

The full changelog is available at http://jabref.sourceforge.net/revisionhistory.php#v2.11b2 .

Posted by Oliver Kopp 2015-05-19

JabRef 2.11 beta released

The new beta version includes many bug fixes and new features. Most importantly, the biblatex support has been improved.

The full release history is available at http://jabref.sourceforge.net/revisionhistory.php#v2.11b .

Posted by Oliver Kopp 2015-05-17

JabRef 2.10 beta released

The new beta version improves usability of JabRef and includes patches from the community. For instance, we added support for specifying a BibTeX file at --importToOpen. This allows a usage in browsers to directly append downloaded entries to the currently opened database.

Writing of a .bib file has been changed to gain a more human-readable bibtex file. The behavior can be adapted at Options->Preferences->File->"File saving options".... read more

Posted by Oliver Kopp 2013-03-28

JabRef 2.9.2 released

Long time no news, but many releases. The highlights of the last
releases are support for synchronizing a directory with papers and a
database, importing PDFs based on their text, import by drag’n’drop to
the preview pane, converting a reference string to a BibTeX entry by
the FreeCite service, fetching BibTeX entries from DOI and ISBN, clean
up functionality, ranking of entries, improvements for all fetchers,
and many more. We also went through all submitted patches and applied
most of them. A big thanks goes out to all the patch submitters and
contributors. You keep us motivated!

Posted by Oliver Kopp 2013-01-13

JabRef 2.4.1 released

This minor release fixes several bugs, among them a serious look and feel bug under Windows Vista. A couple of improvements have also been made regarding plugins and export formats.

Due to changes in the SourceForge www service, we may not be able to update the Web Start version for a while.

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2008-10-08

JabRef: 2.4 released

JabRef is a graphical application for managing bibliographical databases. JabRef is designed specifically for BibTeX bases, but can import and export many other bibliographic formats. JabRef runs on all platforms and requires Java 1.5 or newer.

JabRef 2.4 brings a many new features. The most notable features are plugin support, global search, better crossref handling and new web query options. Many bugs have also been fixed.

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2008-09-03

JabRef 2.3.1 released

JabRef 2.3.1 is a bugfix release which fixes a couple of important issues: handling of applications for viewing external files on OS X, a freeze bug when fetching entries from Medline, and UAC problems with the Windows installer under Vista.

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2007-12-03

JabRef 2.3 released

JabRef 2.3 has just been released. This is a major update which brings many new features and bugfixes.

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2007-11-17

JabRef 2.2 released

The new version of JabRef is now available, bringing new features, most notable support for XMP metadata in PDF files, improved interface for importing and exporting, and many bug fixes.

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2007-01-31

JabRef 2.2 beta available

We have just released a beta of the upcoming 2.2 version. The new version comes with a lot of bugfixes and several great new features. Most notable is the ability to add XMP annotations to linked PDF files. Annoted PDF files carry all relevant citation information, for easy sharing between JabRef users. Other new features include new advanced HTML export filters, better search, better drag-and-drop support for PS/PDF files, linking to PS/PDF files placed relative to the bib file, and quick letter seek in the entry table.... read more

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2006-10-13

JabRef 2.1 released

This release provides a lot of bugfixes and some nice new features:
* IEEEXplore search and download feature.
* Option to store entries in their original order, and unsorted table view now shows entries in their original order.
* Keys can now be autogenerated for entries with missing keys before each save.
* Open and import multiple files at the same time.
* Drag files and URLs to readable files into JabRef.

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2006-08-10

JabRef available in Debian unstable

JabRef is now available in Debian unstable. The package is handled by Gregor Herrmann and Tony Mancill.


Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2006-07-07

JabRef 2.0.1 released

This minor update comes quickly because of two serious bugs in JabRef 2.0. Everyone who has downloaded 2.0 is strongly recommended to upgrade to 2.0.1 immediately.

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2006-02-02

Problem with JabRef 2.0

JabRef 2.0 has a serious bug that can mess up your data. The downloads for this release have been hidden. Please don't use version 2.0 - wait for an update in a few days that will solve this problem!

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2006-02-01

JabRef 2.0 released

JabRef 2.0 adds a large set of new features: new import and export filters (e.g. OpenDocument spreadsheet), simple registering of custom import filters, handling of journal name abbreviation/unabbreviation, easier and safer handling of character encodings, pushing citations to Emacs, better customization of appearance, and a lot more. A lot of bugs have been fixed, as well.

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2006-01-30

JabRef 1.8.1 released

This minor version adds a couple of minor features: entry timestamping, option to abbreviate fields in key generator, and user-specific entry marking. The main focus is on bugfixes since the 1.8 release.

Source packages, executable jar and Mac package available now. Windows msi file will be available in a couple of days.

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2005-09-15

JabRef 1.8 released

JabRef is a graphical application for managing bibliographical databases. JabRef is designed specifically for BibTeX bases, but can import and export many other bibliographic formats. JabRef runs on all platforms and requires Java 1.4 or newer. The new stable release of JabRef provides lots of improvements, new features and bugfixes since version 1.7.1.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted bug reports, patches, feature requests and other kinds of feedback!

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2005-08-02

JabRef 1.8 beta 2 released

Another beta of the 1.8 release is out. This version fixes many bugs from the first beta (plus some older bugs), and adds a few new features. Highlights include improvements for Endnote, Medline and Sixpack imports, OpenOffice Calc export now working with OOo 2.0 beta, and better handling of external file changes.

The final version will be released in just a few weeks, so if you want to help out with testing, give it a try right now and report any problems that come up!

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2005-07-13

JabRef 1.8 beta released

The beta version of JabRef 1.8 is now available for donwload. The new version brings a great deal of new features, improvements of old features, and many bug fixes.

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2005-06-06

JabRef 1.7.1 released

JabRef 1.7.1 is a minor release that fixes several bugs from version 1.7.

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2005-04-11

JabRef 1.7 released

JabRef 1.7 is now available for download. New features include:
- Hierarchical and more versatile grouping controls.
- Built-in export filters for OpenOffice, Endnote, and RTF.
- Automatic detection of import format
- A dialog for checking the integrity of fields.
- Improvements to the format of output bib files
- Many significant user interface improvements and bugfixes.

Posted by Morten Omholt Alver 2005-03-20