I've been looking at the jabref code a little with the intention to make the following modifications:

- Implement Inpsire support (as opposed to spires).
- Include more fields from Inspire such as abstract and number of citations by switching to an XML format for the data (right now spires returns bibtex embedded in some HTML).
- Maybe track citations as well.

Previously I used Spires.app and would like to try to mimic all its functionality in jabref.

So I have a few questions in this direction.  First, is someone already working on adding inspire support?  Second, does anyone have any resource regarding inspire's support of MARCXML or OAI2 or any other standard?  The Inspire website seems very light on API documentation.  Finally, is there a resource to help one get started with the code base? 

I've got a working hack to add inspire support to JabRef (as an additional plugin rather than a modification of the spires one).  I basically just re-used the spires code and pointed it at inspire...very little modification was needed as both spires and inspire outputs bibtex embedded in an html file.

There was some functionality I could not test because I'm not sure if its been disabled in JabRef.  In particular there seems to be an openSpires action that I didn't bother to port over because I'm not sure it works for spires in the current version (it seems to be disabled).  It would be nice to hear from someone who knows this code to see if these functions are still supported.

But the bigger issue is that I'd like to access inspire via MARCXML or endref or some other XML format that returns additional fields like the abstract because I'd like to store them as well.  This is a bit more involved and I'm not sure what the most efficient way to do it is.  JabRef does not seem to have a Filter for any relevant inspire output format besides bibtex and endref.  While the later contains the abstract it doesn't include the eprint number which is a worse omission.

As spires looks like its about to go the way of the dinosaurs I'd be happy to provide this inspire patch to the main tree or to anyone who just wants to patch their own version.


p.s. I had posted this as two seperate messages to the jabref-svn list before a kindly soul pointed me to the fact that that's essentially an inert automated list.  Thanks Morten!