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Hello, I enjoy jabref so much that I want to forget my traditional file explorer...
For this I need the possibility to create sub-entries. This is almost like a group : you could have subtype for given type. For instance, if you have additional material to a letter or a patent, this could be subtypes.

I m using jabref to manage my code, data and picture files. This is very useful because I have many codes, lots of datas generated by those codes and in the end lots of picture generated by gnuplot with those datas.

So for instance, I create an entry type "code" that has 3 subtypes: "picture", "data", "subcode". I want the subcode to be a subentry of the initial code because I only use the subcode to to do data analysis of the data generated by the previous code.

entry(code) : Code-Simulation colloïde
subentry(data) : Dataset1 (first set of parameters)
subentry(data) : Dataset1 (second set of parameters)
subentry(data) : Dataset1 (third set of parameters)
subentry(data) : Dataset1 (last set of parameters)
subentry(subcode) : Dataanalysis
subentry(figure) : fig1 from dataset1
subentry(figure) : fig2 from dataset2
subentry(figure) : fig2 from dataset3

This will be very useful for me because right now, to remember where my data are, I copy them in every place I need a figure (an article, an oral presentation, a thesis, etc.) to be able to reproduce the figure with change of parameters for instance. In the end I have several copy of one code but I don't know which is the last version. If I could add the entry with the original code to a group including every places where I use those data this would be much more efficient.

It would be better also to have the possibility to link th subentry to files that are in the same folder as the original code...

I hope some people will find this subentry usefull.
Thanks a lot for Jabref!!


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