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Hey there,

I miss some translations in other langueages.
In English it ok because there a the same words than in the final BibTex sources, but these words are not so exaclty than the could be in other langueges (like in german in my case)


  • Morten Omholt Alver

    Hi! Could you give specific examples or locations where the translation is lacking?

  • CTieben

    CTieben - 2012-12-06

    Hi, i use a Ubuntu 12.10 with a german frontend and have try the last stable version of the jabref jar. This version is only in english and i wish there were a german translation.

  • Morten Omholt Alver

    Ok, I misunderstood.

    You do have the option to use JabRef in different languages, and the German translation is fully updated. You can switch to German in Options -> Preferences.

  • Morten Omholt Alver

    • status: open --> pending
  • CTieben

    CTieben - 2012-12-11

    Ok thanks for this Tip its helpfull but not exacly what i mean.

    1) I hopped he would detect the system language and change automatticly

    2) If I create a new Entry it would be helpfull to see a german discription for the entry type. Its ok to see the english value because in beibtex it would be the same, but something like a tooltip would make it easyier to decide the correct one.

  • fdar

    fdar - 2015-07-23
    • Labels: Internationalization, i18n --> Internationalization, i18n, tocategorize
  • fdar

    fdar - 2015-07-29
    • labels: Internationalization, i18n, tocategorize --> Internationalization, GUI, MoreFlexible

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