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In JabRef 9.10 (under Debian Wheezy and Java 6 SDK), group names associated with a selected bib entry are no longer underlined. The only way now to see what groups a particular bib entry is associated with is to look at its Add to Group utility in which groups already associated are somewhat highlighted.


  • yolin548

    yolin548 - 2015-03-06

    Are you sure the "highlight groups" icon is set?

    Using the latest version 2.10, groups are still underlined on my computer.

    However there is one related bug: it does not work immediately for freshly assigned items (ie when dragging a reference to a group - it only shows up after first selecting another item, and then selecting it again).

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2016-05-19

    Both issues are fixed in current master.

  • Tobias

    Tobias - 2016-05-19
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