Darren Sun - 2014-06-29

As far as I am concerned, it is using bibtex key as the keyword for linking external files. And by default, exact match between file name and bibtex key is needed. So if you have a bibtex entry with a key, say "Smith2014", and a PDF file named "Smith2014.pdf" in the same directory as the database file containing the entry, the auto linking should work.

I think the use of bibtex key as the keyword to search for related files is unambiguous, but it is not quite user-friendly. A user has to identify the file and make its name the same as the corresponding bibtex key, before she enjoys the "convenience" of such functionality. On the other hand, though, I understand the difficulty to use any keyword other than bibtex key. Title might be a possible alternative, but some symbol (say colon) in a title may be invalid as a part of file names.