#1169 encoding does not default to utf8 when dragging-and-dropping

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while importing references from zotero, umlauts get scrambled, although both are set to default to utf8.

exporting the same references to a bib file and importing in jabref works

finally, saving bibtex entries as a utf8 text file, selecting text in an editor and dragging into jabref also scrambles non-ascii characters.

try for example this one:

title = {Stability criteria and fluctuations around nonequilibrium states},
volume = {56},
issn = {0722-3277, 1431-{584X}},
url = {http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF01469698},
doi = {10.1007/BF01469698},
abstract = {A stochastic formulation of the stability of, nonequilibrium states is discussed. An entropy balance equation, including the effect of both the macroscopic evolution and of the fluctuations is derived. In the linear region of thermodynamics Prigogine's minimum entropy production, theorem is extended to include the effect of fluctuations. The latter are shown to reïnforce the return of the system to its steady state distribution.},
language = {en},
number = {2},
urldate = {2013-07-02},
journal = {Zeitschrift für Physik B Condensed Matter},
author = {Jiu-li, Luo and Broeck, C. Van den and Nicolis, G.},
month = jun,
year = {1984},
keywords = {Condensed Matter, Fluids, Nonlinear Dynamics, Complex Systems, Chaos, Neural Networks, Physics, general, Solid State Physics and Spectroscopy, Superconductivity, Superfluidity, Quantum Fluids},
pages = {165--170},
file = {Full Text PDF:/Users/nbecker/Literature/zotero store/storage/796V3853/Jiu-li et al. - 1984 - Stability criteria and fluctuations around nonequi.pdf:application/pdf;Snapshot:/Users/nbecker/Literature/zotero store/storage/U672H3UT/BF01469698.html:text/html}

os x 10.6, firefox


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