#1115 Missing path characters with symbolic Links in Mac OS X (File Synchronize)

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I want to let you know about an issue with "Synchronize File Links" in Mac OS X 10.6.8.

I place a UNIX symbolic link (created from command line) in the main file directory and have it point to a library of papers elsewhere on my system. The result of "Synchronize" is that the papers are initially found in their actual location, but the first half of the path name is missing when it is transcribed to the "file" tag and the link is effectively broken.
Eg. If the actual path is "/Volumes/my_drive/my_path/paper.PDF", the linking facility gives something like "rive/my_path/paper.PDF"

Also, Mac Alises (created from within the Finder) and placed in the main file directory do not work at all.

I'm including an example (with my actual path names) so that the error can be reproduced.

I store most of my papers in subdirectories off a main file directory, which is: "/Volumes/Jeff_sync/sync/Grad/research/papers"
This is the same directory I have specified in Preferences->External Programs->Main File Directory.

In here I place a symbolic link called "11-08 Internship" that points to another path: "/Volumes/Jeff_sync/sync/Grad/11-2-Summer/Internship/Research/Papers"

For synchronize, I am using regex search based on the Bibtex key preceded by exclamation point. My regex is: */.![bibtexkey]\.[extension]

When running the synchronize, the PDF symbol initially appears beside the entry in the table, however an error box then appears (see attached image). It looks like it is referencing the actual path, but you can see that the beginning half of the path is missing. Clicking ignore and examining the path in the "file" tag shows that the first half of the path is missing: "file = {Hajimiri - Theory of phase noise in oscillators !270.pdf:ernship/Research/Papers/PhaseNoise/Hajimiri - Theory of phase noise in oscillators !270.pdf:PDF},"

If it helps, I saw that missing path characters were repaired in Bug #505.

Thanks for your consideration. Note: JabRef is awesome!


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