#1110 Opening the context menu is slow for a large databases

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For large databases (>500 entries) JabRef becomes pretty slow. In particular, opening the context menu on an entry takes several seconds, which is completely unacceptable.

(JabRef 2.9 Beta (same issue with 2.8, however), Java 6 Update 37, Windows 7 64-bit)


  • Oliver Kopp

    Oliver Kopp - 2013-01-03

    Does this also appear in older versions? I tried it with a recent version with a database having 5275 entries. I notice a delay of some milliseconds, but not seconds. I have to confess, that I have a Thinkpad T420 and didn't test it on older machines.

  • hexler81

    hexler81 - 2013-01-11

    The problem occurs on a rather fast machine (Xeon X5550 with 2.67GHz (similar to a first generation Core i7) with 12GB RAM). On my notebook with a Core i7 2620M (which seems is the same CPU as in the T420) and 8GB RAM it is faster but still slower than I would expect it (about 1s delay). Using Java 7 instead of Java 6 does not increase the speed.

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  • hexler81

    hexler81 - 2013-01-15

    I found an interesting fact: The delay seems to be related to the groups functionality. I've have the group interface opened all the time and I let JabRef automatically create groups from the keywords and the authors last names. If I delete all groups, the context menu shows up with almost no delay. Moreover, the group interface itself does not seem to be the reason for the delay. If I hide the interface but keep all the groups, the delay still occurs.

    • Oliver Kopp

      Oliver Kopp - 2013-01-21

      Could you send me in a private mail the .bib file or attach it to the bug report? This should ease debugging.

  • Morten Omholt Alver

    It seems reasonable that the groups functionality is to blame. Each time the context menu is opened, the tree of group selections is rebuilt. There is an additional problem with large numbers of groups leading to some menu entries becoming unaccessible.

    I think we should replace these trees of submenus by single, static, menu items that open an add/remove dialog. I can look into this for the next version.

  • hexler81

    hexler81 - 2013-04-03

    Any news on this issue? I've noticed that the first beta 2.10 has just been released, where, according to the changelog, this issue has not been fixed yet. :-(

  • Oliver Kopp

    Oliver Kopp - 2013-04-03

    Did you try the beta or just read the changelog? I don't remember that you sent me a test database, did you?

  • hexler81

    hexler81 - 2013-04-04

    I did not send you a database, because from Morten's post it seemed to be clear what causes the bad performance.

    However, I've gave 2.10 a try and it is much faster. Thanks!

  • Christoph Bier

    Christoph Bier - 2015-02-13

    This problem still occurs with 2.10 on a 13" MacBook Pro (late 2013; 2,6 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3) running Yosemite. My database contains 744 entries and selecting a group takes about 35 seconds to show up.

    • Oliver Kopp

      Oliver Kopp - 2015-05-20

      Please send me the .bib file.

  • Oliver Kopp

    Oliver Kopp - 2016-02-10
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