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#1016 2 Bugs in Export: Changes the Type, Does not include Day tag

Export (66)

I'm using JabRef to integrate with Word 2010 SP1 in Windows 64 (both 64 bits)

I already edited a bib XSL file for Word, in order to support the Web Link IEEE2006 format correctly (the Microsoft one is not formally correct in some types, like InternetSite). So I already tried quite a few things to try to put JabRef to work with Word, but unfortunately now I'm stuck due mainly to the following bugs, regarding the export to Word 2007 XML option:

1. JabRef changes the Type of a Custom Format.
Since v2.7.2 of JabRef does not support InternetLinks documents like Word 2010 does (e.g. InternetSite and DocumentFromInternetSite) I cannot use them directly. So I tried creating a custom type. I went fine.
But then when I export it to XML in order to import in Word, it changes the type automatically to "MISC", which is really an annoyance, because all the work was in vain.

2. JabRef does not export the field “Day”, of the “Misc” format
I edited the XSL file so that the “Misc” format would be equal to the "InternetSite" format, therefore alloqwin me to use it instead of the “InternetSite” format. However, another bug is stopping is annoying me, because now JabRef simply doesn’t export the field "Day" which I added personally to the regular field of the Misc type, in JabRef.

So, after all this effort, I still cannot integrate easily between JabRef and Word.
I would be grateful if you could help, because I don’t know what else I can do. :-(
Thanks in advance.

Agos (


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    JabRef Bibliography file + Word 2007 XML File

  • Igor

    Igor - 2014-07-01

    Seems to be an easy bug. Need to check if it is still there


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