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Emilio C.
  • Emilio C.

    Emilio C. - 2006-06-19

    We are searching testers to test the jabbin software
    in linux environment before release it.
    If you have experience with linux and you'd like to test jabbin to help us with errors and improving the jabbin software. You can contact by jabber with


    • Adwin

      Adwin - 2006-09-23

      I'm willing to take the job.
      Test machine:
      Gentoo AMD64/Multilib
      glibc 2.4

      qt-4.1 (btw, will Jabbin be ported to qt4 anytime soon) ?

      • Emilio C.

        Emilio C. - 2006-09-23

        Thanks adwin, could you contact with me through jabber please?.

        To port jabbin to qt4 it'll take a effort but it'll do in next releases.

        Emilio C.


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