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Release of Jabberwocky 2.0

This release contains numerous bugfixes (hint system, collapsing code and installation problems on windows) + the core of document generation for projects (like in eclipse and netbeans for java).

Posted by Marc Mertens 2004-02-01

Corrupt file of RC3

It seems that the jabberwocky.1.0.RC3.bin.tgz file is corrupt, I will upload a new version tonight.

Posted by Marc Mertens 2003-03-27

Final release candidate of Jabberwocky

If no serious bugs are discoverd then this should be the last release candidate before the final release.

Posted by Marc Mertens 2003-03-23

Second release candidate

This is the second release candidate of Jabberwocky, I hope to make the 1.0 final release at the end of this month.

Posted by Marc Mertens 2003-03-09

First beta release of Jabberwocky

This is the first beta release of Jabberwocky. For a list of changes see http://jabberwocky.sourceforge.net/changes.html . For a list of known bugs see http://jabberwocky.sourceforge.net/bugs.html .

Posted by Marc Mertens 2002-09-08

Bugfix release 0.008

You can now switch between the editor pane and the interaction pane with ctrl-i. A shortcut to switch between editor buffers (ctrl-t) is added. Jump to a line via alt-g is now possible. Numerous indentation bugs were solved. Changing color/font will now repaint and revalidate the buffers. A minor bug in the drawing of line numbers is fixed. Solved a bug in the splitting of a editor buffer (causing one of the buffers not to react on the key input). The state of split buffers is now saved correctly.

Posted by Marc Mertens 2002-04-01

Bugfix and feature release 0.007

This release contains the following changes and bugfixes. You can now send a break to a LISP process and load/compile the content of a editor buffer. The state of the interaction buffers is saved during exit. Enter processing by a interaction buffer is fixed. Fixed tabbed pane processing of interactions. Fixed numerous NullException bugs. Fixed display of warnings.
Editor buffer is no longer marked unmodified when entering debug mode. Entering debug mode will not fail anymore when there are watch buffers. Resizing of the Error,Message and Input area is now always possible.

Posted by Marc Mertens 2002-03-24

Bugfix and feature release Jabberwocky.0.006

This release fixes a problem with the removal of closed buffers during the cancel of a exit operation, fixes a bug in the cursor processing of a empty buffer and solves a bug in the analyzes of anonymous functions. Syntax coloring for quoted and back quoted forms is added together with indentation of a element or document.

Posted by Marc Mertens 2002-03-17

Bugfix and feature release jabberwocky.0.005

Correction of some bugs in the installation code.
Get Jabberwocky to work with CLISP-2.28.
Added regular expression matching and multifile search and replace.
Requires JDK 1.4 now (because of regular expressions).

Posted by Marc Mertens 2002-03-10

Bugfix release Jabberwocky.0.004

Rewrite of the hint system to behqve more logical and have no hangups.
Added display of undefined functions and macros.
Changed show/hide to toggle function.

Posted by Marc Mertens 2002-03-03

Bug fix release Jabberwocky.0.003

Performance improvements for cursor movements
Changed keyprocessing mechanisme
Font settings are saved when you save the configuration settings
Fixed a bug in the calculation of line height
Fixed a bug in saving the state of open files
Fixed problem with moving up/down
Change execute selected code to execute selected code or current list
Fixed a problem of hangup of the LISP process

Posted by Marc Mertens 2002-02-26

Feature and bugfix release

New release of Jabberwocky, the following changes where made: Fixed problem with indetation, corrected display of begin,end of a form, added display line and column numbers, added time travelling, added profiling.

Posted by Marc Mertens 2002-02-17

First release of Jabberwocky a LISP IDE

Jabberwocky is a LISP IDE containing the following components
- A LISP aware editor (syntax highlighting, parenthese matching, code analyze, context sensitive hints...)
- A source level debugger.
- A project explorer.
- A interaction buffer to interact with LISP

Posted by Marc Mertens 2002-02-10

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