#9 Keybinding editor UI is confusing

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When you edit your keybindings for the IDE, save the
configuration, and restart, the changed bindings are
not relfected in the dialog next time you bring it up.
The new bindings are in effect, but whenever you go to
the binding dialog box you will see the default ones.
This makes it very difficult when trying to re-map the
keys from their defaults.

To reproduce: go to the key mappings dialog, map "copy"
to Ctrl-C. Hit Ok, then Save Configuration. Exit the
IDE. Restart the IDE, open the key mappings dialog,
and Ctrl-Insert will be the only mapping listed for
copy, though Ctrl-C will still work.

It looks to me like the problem is somewhere in
ActionKeyMap.ActionTableModel.updateStrokes(), though I
haven't been able to figure it out exactly. I'll keep
looking and submit a patch if I find a fix, but this
might be better for someone who is familiar with the
inner workings of the project.


  • Marc Mertens

    Marc Mertens - 2003-01-27
    • status: open --> open-later
  • Marc Mertens

    Marc Mertens - 2003-01-27

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    This is probably caused because there is another keybinding of ctrl-c to the
    send of a interrupt to the Lisp Process. When the configuration is loaded
    this other keybinding will override the binding of the copy action.
    Solution : Add a warning when one try to set a keybinding already used by
    another action, if the user still want to go ahead the keybindings to the
    other actions should be removed.
    Warning: As each mode can have its own set of keybinding and a action has
    only one keybinding associated with it, care must be taken that a action has
    two different keybindings in different modes.
    I'will post a fix as soon as possible.

    Marc Mertens

  • Marc Mertens

    Marc Mertens - 2003-02-02
    • status: open-later --> closed-later

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