#15 Installation failure (GCL-related)


I'm attempting to install the latest Jabberwocky on my
new 12" PowerBook. My install will not complete due to
an error having to do with building and/or installing
files related to GCL support.

I have installed the latest releases of GCL (2.6.3),
CMUCL (19a+ Darwin/Exp 2004-07-25-090), SBCL (0.8.12),
and CLISP (2.29-13). My machine is fully up-to-date
(OS X 10.3.4, Java 1.4.2, XCode 1.5 beta).

As usual, I run installbin from the directory
/usr/local/Jabberwocky-2.0.28/. I ask for the
installer to setup support for all of the above
compilers and install in the default locations. My
entire /usr/local hierarchy is owned by me, not root.
I run the installer as me, not root; but if I run it as
root I get the same error message.

The error message that I received is seen in a model
popup window with an "OK" button. The error message is:
Error copying gcl/sbcl.o to /usr/local/Jabberwocky/gcl
gcl/sbcl.o (No such file or directory)

The resulting install is incomplete. In particular,
/usr/local/bin/Jabberwocky is not executable.

P.S. You need a bug category "Installer" and you need
to clean up your "Group" entries as well.

Joe Kiniry


  • Marc Mertens

    Marc Mertens - 2004-08-01

    Logged In: YES

    There is a error in the Install.java file where it tried to
    copy sbcl.o instead of gcl.o causing the problem you
    mentioned. I assume that you are not using ant, because the
    install routine with ant should work (if not let me know
    it). As I saw this bug report when I uploaded version 2.0.29
    the next distribution (version 2.0.30) will contain the fix.
    If you want a early fix try to replace the install.java file
    with the install.java attached to this message.

    PS. I will add a Installer option as you have suggested,
    cleaning up of the group entries is not possible as far as I
    know (sourceforge does not allow you to delete group entries).

  • Marc Mertens

    Marc Mertens - 2004-08-01

    Correction for the install routine

  • Marc Mertens

    Marc Mertens - 2004-12-27
    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Marc Mertens

    Marc Mertens - 2005-01-24
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed

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