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JabberMixClient 1.4.1 released

This new version has some bugs fixed concerning the gateway management.

Posted by GBianchi 2007-07-10

JabberMixClient 1.4 released

The 1.4 version is ready! The refresh screen bug, during conversation, was fixed and 2 smiles added. Also other minor problems on multi-user chat were solved

Posted by GBianchi 2007-05-29

JabberMixClient 1.3 released

In this release:
- Google talk support added
- Complex jid management
- "Status Message" added
- Minor bugs fixed

Posted by GBianchi 2007-03-02

Google talk is now supported

I'm happy to announce that I have already developed in the new version (JMC 1.3) the Google Talk support (using ssl connection). I inserted also the "status message" feature in the presence management..The release will be ready very soon!

Posted by GBianchi 2007-02-27

JabberMixClient 1.2.1 released

A new version of JMC is ready to be downloaded; it has little differences with the previous one, but some important bugs fixed and a different "User Settings" screen.

Posted by GBianchi 2007-02-20

News from the project

In the first part of March, a commercial version of JMC will be ready intended to business users and tech firms. In the second part of the same month the new 1.3 version will be released (always under dual licence)

Posted by GBianchi 2007-02-03

JabberMixClient 1.2 released

This release has two version: for cldc 1.1 and cldc 1.0 devices..Download it!

Posted by GBianchi 2007-01-03

Very soon the version 1.2..

JMC 1.2 will contain 3 new "extra-jabber" utilities and some changes to improve the instant messaging activity..Quite generic? Ok, wait for the release to discover more..This version will be released for both cldc 1.0 and cldc 1.1 devices.

Posted by GBianchi 2006-12-28

New JabberMixClient 1.1 release!

In this release there are the following changes:
- Plain text authorization support added
- Some GUI changes
- Chat readability improved
- Minor bugs fixed

Posted by GBianchi 2006-12-15

JabberMixClient 1.0 is ready!

Download the last version of JMC! Changes:
- Push support added (JMC starts when a contact's sms arrives)
- Refactoring and stabilization of the source code
- Minor bugs fixed

Posted by GBianchi 2006-12-05

New JabberMixClient 0.9.9 release!

New features:
- Interconnection with other IM protocols (MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Aol) support
- SMS Wake-up feature to notify off-line contatcs
- Midlet events management redisigned
- Javadoc/User manual updated

Posted by GBianchi 2006-11-13

Next week a new release

Next week a new JMC release will be ready. The most important new features are:
- the support of other protocols gateways to talk also with msn,yahoo and aol contacts.
- A wake-up feature to alert an offline contact that you want to chat with her/him.

Posted by GBianchi 2006-11-08

New MobileMailChecker 0.1 release is ready!

The first release of MMC is online! You can find it at http://mobilemailcheck.sourceforge.net/

Posted by GBianchi 2006-10-20

A new project is coming..

Very soon I'll be involved in a new project: Mobile Mail Checker. It will be a mail client for java phones..GPL of course!

Posted by GBianchi 2006-10-17

New 0.9.5 version for midp 2 & cldc 1.1 devices

Now also the main release of JMC is ready to be downloaded by SF or via OTA. With the last connection modifications, most phones can run JMC!

Posted by GBianchi 2006-10-03

New 0.9.5 version for midp 1 devices

The last release for midp 1 devices is now online! Changes:
- Total re-design of the connection part
- Total re-design of the unicode encoding support
- User settings panel bug fixed
- Minor bugs fixed

Posted by GBianchi 2006-10-02

New 0.9.5 version for midp 2 & cldc 1.0 devices

New JMC version has a totally reengineered connection part; now JMC works also on phones which don't support utf-8 encoding. Now much more phones can use JMC!

Posted by GBianchi 2006-09-27

New 0.9.3 release for midp 2.0 devices

In this new version there are some bug fixed about Jud discovery and package organization, some improvement in the user data management, and javadoc and class diagram updated. This release has been tested with the Motorola Emulator.

Posted by GBianchi 2006-09-20

New release is coming soon..

Next release has been tested for Motorola devices, with the Motorola Emulator..There are still problem instead with BlackBerry.

Posted by GBianchi 2006-09-15

The 0.9.2 release is online again

I changed the jar file inside the package, now you can download the correct 0.9.2 version..

Posted by GBianchi 2006-08-10

Error in the last release

For a mistake, I inserted the 0.9.1 Jar file in the 0.9.2 package!! I hope to release the correct package for the next weekend.

Posted by GBianchi 2006-08-08

New JabberMixClient 0.9.2 release

The 0.9.2 version of JMC is ready for midp2 cldc 1.1 devices

Posted by GBianchi 2006-08-05

New 0.9.1 version for midp 1.0 devices

It is ready the 0.9.1 midp1 release, soon it will available the 0.9.2 midp2 version..

Posted by GBianchi 2006-07-31

New release for MIDP 1.0 devices

Now JMC 0.9 has also a version for older devices (MIDP 1.0 CLDC 1.0)

Posted by GBianchi 2006-06-28

JabberMixClient 0.9.1 released

New JMC 0.9.1 version is ready! There are some changes about chat and presence, some bugs fixed and the JMC version for cldc 1.0 devices.

Posted by GBianchi 2006-06-17