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JabberMixClient 2.1.1 released

- Server services discovery bug fixed
- Alternate colours in the chat screen
- Minor bugs fixed

Posted by GBianchi 2009-02-03

JabberMixLocation 1.0 is ready!!

JML is a modified version of JMC2 with the contacts localization feature:
In fact, if the mobile phone which runs JML supports the J2ME Location api, the application can retrieve the user location and communicate it to the other users in the contacts list, analogously JML can receive the location info of other contacts that use JML.
So the user's contacts list is augmented with the location information of each contact.
Moreover it is possible to display the map about the user current position.

Posted by GBianchi 2009-01-08

JMC location oriented soon..

In the first days of the new year a new version will be available called JabberMixLocation, for GPS enabled phones, with contacts list augmented with user location info!

Posted by GBianchi 2008-12-23

JabberMixClient 2.1

- User search reactivated
- Changes in the contact info page
- Avatar now is optional
- Javadoc updated

Posted by GBianchi 2008-11-06

New project site

The interface of the project website has been changed. <a href="http://jabbermixclient.sourceforge.net/">http://jabbermixclient.sourceforge.net</a>

Posted by GBianchi 2008-11-06

JabberMixClient 2.0.4 is ready

This new release contains the new version of the gui library (LWUIT); some bugs about multi-chat and the multi-tab screen were fixed.

Posted by GBianchi 2008-10-30

JabberMixClient 2.0.3

In this release I fixed a bug about the contacts list scrolling.

Posted by GBianchi 2008-10-22

JabberMixClient 2.0.2 is ready

This new release contains two important bug fixes about the SASL authentucation and the MSN transport.

Posted by GBianchi 2008-10-11

JabberMixClient 2.0.1 beta released

A new release of jmc 2.0 is ready, I added the nickname support and fixed the bugs in the Gateways transports (MSN, Yahoo..).
I released also another 1.5.8fix version (with the old gui) to fix a connection bug that occcurred with old jabber servers which don't support SASL.

Posted by GBianchi 2008-10-05

JabberMixClient 2.0 beta released

Now the beta release is ready, with some bugs fixed and the jar optimization..Test it!

Posted by GBianchi 2008-09-27

JabberMixClient 2.0 alpha released

The 2.0 version is ready, I worked to a completely new gui, using the LWUIT Sun library.
This library is quite new and still unstable, but it is the first free serious gui for j2me.
Unfortunately only quite powered phones can support it.
This jmc version is still alpha, it is not optimezed and obfuscated, just try it and let me know..

Posted by GBianchi 2008-09-20

JabberMixClient 1.5.8 released

Still another release with the old gui, just to fix a bug for gtalk users caused by the new SASL support. Also a bug about the Change Status screen was fixed.

Posted by GBianchi 2008-07-13

New LWUIT gui

I'll begin the design of a completely new gui very soon, using the new SUN LWUIT library.

Posted by GBianchi 2008-06-26

JabberMixClient 1.5.7 released

- SASL plain support added
- Some annoying alerts deleted
- Server port is now configurable
- Unuseful imports deleted in the source code

Posted by GBianchi 2008-06-08

Next release

In the next release I added the SASL support and the possibility to configure also the Jabber server port. At the moment only the default ports (TCP/SSL/HTTP) are supported.

Posted by GBianchi 2008-05-15

For blackberry users 2

I've prepared a jmc 1.5.6 version for blackberry without the problem related to the chat button of the "online screen".

Posted by GBianchi 2008-04-27

For BlackBerry users

The last two jmc releases have a problem with BlackBerry mobiles, so for the moment I suggest to use the 1.5.3 version.

Posted by GBianchi 2008-04-14

JabberMixClient 1.5.6

In this release I added the users' avatar support (using the vCard protocol) and other minor changes..

Posted by GBianchi 2008-04-01

JabberMixClient 1.5.5 fix released

Some problem with the download of the 1.5.5 version occurred, so I prepared a fixed version.
In the next release (1.5.6) JMC will support also avatars!

Posted by GBianchi 2008-03-16

JabberMixClient 1.5.5 released

A lot of usability improvements in this release:
- Direct chat button added on roster items.
- Bug fixed on the active chats buttons.
- Transports gateway gui improved.
- Bug fixed about the "change status" event.
- User manual updated.

Posted by GBianchi 2008-02-24

JabberMixClient 1.5.3 released

- Keep alive function added to avoid disconnection due to inactivity.
- Composing event recognition added.
- Two bugs fixed about contacts removal and subscription.

Posted by GBianchi 2008-02-10

JabberMixClient 1.5.2 released

Version 1.5.2

- Three bugs fixed: JUD results bug, http-bind bug and multiuser chat bug. (thanks to Maciej Dzikowicki
and Tomasz Pląskowski)

Posted by GBianchi 2008-01-20

JabberMixClient 1.5.1 released

Just small changes to fix some bugs and a new javadoc

Posted by GBianchi 2007-11-06

JabberMixClient 1.5 released

This new version supports the HTTP Bind (BOSH) (XEP-0124) protocol.

Posted by GBianchi 2007-09-21

Next feature: Http bind

In the next release JMC will support HTTP connections.

Posted by GBianchi 2007-09-20

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