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1.2.1 released

This release fix the two regressions found in the 1.2 release:
- Fix a regression where the Look And Feel of the Editor UI (in Swing) would be wrongly set to synth2 when reopening the Editor after having set the synth2 Look and Feel before closing, making the Editor unusable in this case
- Fix a regression where the Server was not decoding correctly ARINC 661 buffers in high throughput scenarios with more than one Channel of communication from the UA

Other changes are:
Add a check in the SuperLayer window manager XML configuration file Schema for duplicate Definition Files
Fix runtime short arrays which were not being managed in the Client
Support the A661_MULTI_STATE_BUTTON widget (supplement 6)
Support the A661_SYMBOL_DEFN_SET_SCALE and A661_SYMBOL_DEFN_SET_SYMBOL_REF Symbol commands (supplement 6)
Use version 0.7 of the MDIFramework library and version 0.7.17 of the MDIUtilities library
Transform the Padding enumeration in a Java enum
Fix the Editor throwing an Exception preventing it to be initialized if one of the Plugins throws an Exception during the initialization of its Settings
Check the validity of the widgets properties values to be one of the specified values if they are enumerations
Add protections against the parsing of badly-defined synth2 configuration files
add the dfs property (useful for the Client) to add additional Definition Files to the list of Definition Files specified in the XML configuration File for the SuperLayer window manager Windows definition, useful when you want to add the SuperLayer itself without having to wait for the user prompt

Posted by Hervé Girod 2014-04-26

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