1.1 final released

Note: this version contains almost all the features of the 1.2 version, but work on Java 7

Improve presentation of widget properties in the Editor
Fix several exceptions in the Editor encountered while selecting elements in the JavaFX framework (these were triggered by modifications on the UI hierarchy performed outside of the JavaFX Platform Thread)
Fix a regression in the Editor in the JavaFX framework where the interactive widgets won't receive any event anymore, even when the Editor is not locked
Support the undo/redo for adding / removing extensions for widgets
Add an option in the Look model plugin to generate an XML StyleSet file using the CSS Look definition
Add a factory framework allowing to customize the core structure of the ARINC 661 design time and runtime. For example, it allows to add completely new types of objects and associated runtime messages
Use version 0.7.15 of the MDIUtilities library
Allow the user to specify in the Look and Feel the widget renderers (for example defined in an extension) which will be used for StyleSets (rather than having this correspondence specified inside the widgets extensions libraries)
Rename the Logging.out method as Logging.info
Fix possible cases for NPEs while processing pictures in the PicturePushButton, PictureToggleButton, and Picture widgets on JavaFX
Fix the impossibility to properly select a widget in the Editor with JavaFX Look and Feel if the Layer size is bigger than the ScrollPane view size
Show a ComboBox allowing to select the StyleSet for a widget in the Editor and the Client if the Look and Feel specify a StyleSets file
Make the Embedded Client work with JavaFX
Accept indifferently colons or semi colons in properties for arrays
Use a specific icon for Behavior widgets in the Editor
Update to version 1.1 Beta 2 the transparentWM contrib project which manage the "alwaysOnTop" property for the JavaFX framework, to go around a current bug in the Java 8 Beta version.Note that this project is still usable in the 1.2 Beta 2 version of the J661 project, which work on Java 8
Remove the Offset rendering property management from the generic Server code and put it in the specific Swing code
Fix the A661_BLINKING_CONTAINER widget not blinking in JavaFX
Remove a hard dependency between the swingServer.jar module and the synth2.jar library, allowing to start the Server or the Editor without the synth2.jar library present
The Executor class, allowing to call any method from any class in the framework in the current UI Framework, is now in the Server module rather than the Editor module
Change the way that the widget definition defines specific-interest attributes definitions (such as BufferFormat, BufferOfItems, or DefaultStyle) to make it completely generic.
Change the ARINCDefinition class as an interface to allow easier customization
Use version 0.7.16 of the MDIUtilities library
Use Schemas rather than DTD for validating ARINC 661 XML Definition Files by default
Fix the use of a custom BinaryDecoder when also specifying a custom low-level encoder / decoder class which was not working anymore since Beta 2
Use a Schema rather than a DTD for the DataProvider configuration in the Embedded Client
Allow to use a File resource in an Extension, even if the resource is not in the extension Jar file itself but in another support jar file
Protect the Server against cases where a widget renderer instantiation would fail in an extension
Fix the Widget definition plugin not checking the validity of the ARINC 661 XML definition if no extensions are provided
Allow the Widget definition plugin to present only the added / updated / deleted elements
Add a check for duplicate values for attributes in the Widget definition plugin
Make sure that the events viewer in the Scenario plugin is shown next to the Scenario plugin Window
Remove JavaFX code which tried to encapsulate text including new lines for ARINC 661 buttons renderers (such as A661_PUSH_BUTTON) in html text, when it was not necessary in JavaFX
Fix the errors presented in the JavaFX error logger not presented in the correct red color and with incorrect html tags
Allow to use "ifdef" and "ifndef" attributes in the Launcher properties format with multiple declarations
Fixes in the ARINC 661 XML model:
Tweak the ARINC 661 XML model Schema to allow only ARINC 661 ID-like parameters for attributes references
Fix the LineStyle Symbol Command type
Fix the fr(1) type incorrectly declared as having a 32 bits size
Fix a wrong definition for the A661_TAB_DIRECTION_WIDGET_ID_ARRAY attribute in the A661_DIRECTIONAL_TABBING_EXTENSION extension
Remove the TYPE_INT type which was never used on attributes
Add a few forgotten unused pads in the ARINC 661 XML definition
Allow to load Launcher properties in extensions
Add the .project and .classpath files for Eclipse which were not committed for the project
Rewrite the dataType handler to make sure that no type information is duplicated between the code and the XML file. Also validate the dataType XML file by a Schema rather than a DTD
Use the 3.10 version of Apache POI
Improve the server.debugBuffer property capacities for the Server, allowing to make inactive whole Layers, and also widgets and all their direct or indirect children
Replace the SuperLayer window manager XML configuration file DTD by a Schema
If the same ARINC 661 model extension is referenced more than once in several extensions (for example if we have two jar files for the Client and the Server referencing the same ARINC 661 XML model extension), this file will be parsed only once
Check the validity of the array declarations of the ARINC 661 XML model in the Widget definition plugin
Fix the management of the "all" selector for windows in the SuperLayer window manager
Fix a regression in Beta 3 which would lead to no MapItem being managed in the Client when created directly in the Editor
Fix the padding of encoded parameters in the Client during runtime messages, if one runtime message is followed by another one, and the first one change change the 32 bits padding (for example A661_BUFFER_FORMAT then A661_STRING)

Posted by Hervé Girod 2014-04-12

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