1.1 Beta 1 released

Use version 0.7.14 of the MDIUtilities library
Fix updating the StyleSet of widgets not taken into account in JavaFX
Improve the layout of the Server console in JavaFX, and support the same options as in Swing
Fix an exception preventing from opening a Definition File containing an EditBoxNumeric widget in JavaFX
Add the scenario reader Viewer in the JavaFX mode
Add an option to control the performance data in the console in the JavaFX mode
Move the MapItems renderers implementation declaration in the renderers XML declaration rather than in the MapItems styles XML file
Manage the MapItems Look And Feel in the same CSS file as the widgets in the JavaFX mode
Fix the "server.hasGUI" option defined in the properties file not being honored
Fix a bug where the widgets properties would not be updated in the Editor in some cases
Add Netbeans configurations for launching the Client, the Server in both the Swing and JavaFX GUI mode, or the Editor
Fix a regression introduced in 1.0 version preventing to create a standardized Look model with an existing Synth2 Look and Feel XML specification
Use the version 0.1 Beta 4 of the jDependency library
Fix a case where connected Layers could trigger an exception when creating a cockpit configuration
Add an option in the XML properties format to print messages (including variables values)
Simplify the programmatic setting of properties. This is used for example in the Server Applet where properties can be set by the Applet parameters
Make the Embedded Client work with the JavaFX framework
Add more options for the Look and Feel setting with the JavaFX framework
Use version 0.7 of the MDIFramework library
Ensure that the Editor menus are created in the Swing EDT
Fix the visualization of the selected item for the ComboBoxEditRenderer in the JavaFX framework
Add a "ifndef" condition for all properties in the XML properties format (the "ifdef" condition already existed)
Fix the mode where the Editor settings are provided on the command line when starting the Editor in the JavaFX framework
Fix some cases in JavaFX where changing the StyleSet of a widget would not be taken into account
Add a new capability allowing to bind a parameter from a widget to an animation in a generic way
Fix how Map Symbols are filled in JavaFX using CSS
Allow to present the Server console in a specified position (by specifying it in the properties file)
Fix the StyleSets updating mechanic in the widgets. It could remove existing not ARINC 661 specific Style Classes
Fix some cases in the Editor where some actions using the JavaFX framework with Java 8 would lead to an exception
Add support for editing extensions in the Editor and the Client
Add new values to the performance logger in JavaFX (pulse, JavaFX average and instant FPS)
Update to version 0.2 the transparentWM contrib project which manage the "alwaysOnTop" property for the JavaFX framework, to go around a current bug in the Java 8 Beta version.Note that this project is still usable in the 1.2 Beta 1 version of the J661 project, which work on java 8
Posted by Hervé Girod 2014-01-23

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