1.0 Beta 5 released

Fix the runtime encoding and decoding of the A661_PICTURE_ENTRY_ARRAY and A661_ENABLE_ENTRY_ARRAY parameters for supplements greater or equal than 4
Fix a bug in the A661_POP_UP_MENU widget where an exception was thrown when opening or creating this widget in JavaFX in the Editor
Fix a bug where the size of the A661_POP_UP_MENU widget was not consistent with the size defined with the widget in JavaFX, but used directly and without limitation the picture sizes used in the menu
Further work on the rendering of MapItems in JavaFX. The architecture in JavaFX now begins to take advantage of the Node architecture, there is now one MapItem renderer in JavaFX for each rendered MapItem
Use version 0.7.12 of the MDIUtilities library
Fix the list of extensions in he Editor settings not saved when saving the configuration in the Editor
Fix a regression where it was not possible anymore to show MapItems in the Server embedded in the Editor
Allow to add support for custom ARINC extensions in existing widgets in J661 extensions
Fix a possible NPE thrown by the generic XML parser if an URL definition is malformed
Manage the synthetic ARINC extensions definition in the Server
Fix the events defined in extensions not being seen in the Widget definition plugin
Fix non interactive widgets like A661_LABEL swallowing the input events for interactive widgets under them in JavaFX
Improve performance for Map widgets by avoiding a double update of MapItems coordinates when a BufferOfItems is received
Fix cases where the MapItem widgets positions was offset by the MapHorz or MapVert radius for the JavaFX implementation
Fix ClassCast Exceptions thrown in the Editor when opening a File Chooser in the Editor in Plugins with the JavaFX UI
Fix the "protocol.responseUrl" property no taken into account in the WebServer protocol when defining it as one of the Applet parameters
Use version 0.6.9 of the MDIFramework library
Fix the FileChooser filter for the JavaFX graphic framework
Allow to support Plugins in the JavaFX graphic framework
Begin to support the Scenario Plugin in the JavaFX graphic framework
Fix an exception which could be thrown in the Server in some cases when reloading a Definition File in an Applet
Allow Plugins to add menus in the JavaFX console
Allow to filter debug messages using tags instead of class paths
Protect the Editor / Server or Client against cases where an Extension is incorrectly referenced or defined and the associated file does not point on a Jar file but a regular file (such as an XML File), or does not contain a Manifest
Fix a few validation errors in the ARINC 661 XML file and the associated DTD
Fix the hexadecimal ID for the A661_NO_SERVICE_MONITOR widget
Show the parsing exceptions in a Panel for the JavaFX Server implementation
Validate the widgets XML definition, the widgets server XML implementation, and the widgets renderers server XML implementation against a Schema rather than a DTD
Fix an exception thrown in the Editor in the JavaFX mode when applying a cut and paste on a Node
Allow Server widgets to send an event accepting a char or uchar parameter with a boolean value
Fix the interactive widgets always enabled even if their A661_ENABLE parameter was set to false
Fix the ushort type of attribute incorrectly set a short. This had no impact on the encoding/decoding of messages
Add a type of XML file which can be parsed by Editor plugins which defines the widgets / extensions / attributes / etc... descriptions. Add in the Extensions that can be loaded by the Editor a new WidgetsDescriptions property which allows to define the widgets definition descriptions in the extension
Allow to generate automatically an ARINC 661-kind docx document with any widgets definition in the Widget definition plugin
Fix the EditBoxText widget not sending A661_EVT_STRING_CONFIRMED when pressing on the Enter key
Allow to use a path or environment key by the syntax ${var} rather than ${path.var} or ${env.var}. The old syntax is still accepted
Log clean errors in the Logging if a path is incorrect in the properties file
Support the Displays transparency in JavaFX
Add a capacity to create a Gestures library
Create a new type of widget renderers in the Server, which allow to add Behavior renderers in a Layer. This is useful for example to add animations in the JavaFX UI implementation of the Server
Fix the A661_BROADCAST_RECEIVER widget triggering an exception in the Editor when clicking on the widget in the tree
Improve the performance of MapItem renderers creation by up to a factor 100 in JavaFX
Posted by Hervé Girod 2013-11-16

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