1.0 Beta 4 released

Fix some bugs in the rendering of paths for MapItems Symbols
Fix the Server implementation of the A661_LEGEND_ALIGN_EXTENSION extension
Parse extensions in XML and Binary Definition Files, associate these extensions to the widget
Fix a bug where the A661_LEGEND_ALIGN_EXTENSION was specified to be defined for the A661_PICTURE_PUSH_BUTTON widget
Simplify the behavior on how to consider ARINC 661 extensions, only "Allow" or "Don't Allow" are expected
Support the A661_CHILD_INDEX_EXTENSION for the MutuallyExclusiveContainer widget in both the Swing and JavaFX frameworks
Support the definition of enumerations of values for short arrays when parsing XML Definition Files
Create a framework to be able to support the A661_CURSOR_EVENTS_EXTENSION extension on any widget renderer in both the Swing and JavaFX frameworks
Definition Files with extensions are correctly saved in XML Definition Files
Now general kinds of extensions do not need to be known by their associated widget renderer instances or widgets, an extension renderer concept allows to add an extension behavior on any renderer by the J661 framewoek
Fix the Font property not being used in JavaFX A661_LABEL widgets
Fix the management of the A661_SIZE_TO_FIT_CONTAINER in JavaFX
Fix some NPE cases for the A661_COMBO_BOX and A661_COMBO_BOX_EDIT in JavaFX
Fix the alternate String / String presentation in the A661_TOGGLE_BUTTON widget in JavaFX
Use version 0.7.8 of the MDIUtilities library
Avoid potential NPE in the MapItems management in JavaFX in some cases
Simplify the MapItems architecture in JavaFX
Allow to import XML properties file in other XML properties files
Remove the necessity to specify a specific jar file for MapItems implementations, the associated jar file is now considered as a regular extension
Fix a bug in the Editor in JavaFX where in some cases selecting a not visible widget could lead to an exception
Fix a bug in the Editor in JavaFX where the selection would lead to unwanted results if the layer size was bigger than the size of the Editor view
Posted by Hervé Girod 2013-10-20

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