0.57 final released

Support the new grammar of the Look and feel configuration file defining the available Look and Feels. The new grammar is the default one for the JavaFX branch (which will shortly be in trunk)
Accept extensions which unsupported class file format. In that case, the file is skipped and aclean exception isemitted rather than not being able to start the Server, Client, or Editor
Fix the case where the change of a StyleSet for a widget in the Server or the Editor, which lead to a change of UI implementation for the widget, would not be taken into account
The generic SAX Parser now return Throwables instead of Exceptions, and get the cause rather than the resulting Exception, if necessary
Fix the specific UI Components for Look and Feels different from the default one not being used when opening a Definition File even if their Look is chosen
Don't throw an exception but emit a clear warning message when trying to load an extension with a widget definition in an unsupported format (such as the new 1.0 format)
Keep the Clipping index in the Server even if the index does not correspond to an existing Clip (but in that case don't clip anything)
Don't throw an Exception if changing a widget StyleSet in the Swing UI framework leads to an exception because the component is not showing in the screen
Use version 0.6.8 of the MDIFramework library
Several enhancements to the Editor scripting Plugin: the current progress of the script is now presented, all possible Exceptions are properly catched and shown
Use version 0.7.9 of the MDIUtilities library
Fix the list of extensions not saved when saving the configuration in the Editor
Posted by Hervé Girod 2013-10-24

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