0.55 Beta 2 released

Manage the event origin for widget events
Fix A661_LABEL widgets rendering incorrectly for updates if they are in multi-rendered Layers
Remove the MaxWidgetIdent and MinWidgetIdent which were written in XML Definition Files because it was a mistake in the examples in the ARINC 661 standard
Change the ARINC 661 keywords and hexadecimal IDs for A661_VALUE, A661_TICS_COARSE, and A661_TICS_FINE in the widget definition, to take into account changes in the ARINC 661 standard supplement 5. The reason of the change was to avoid to use the same keywords and hexadecimal IDs for parameters of different types
As for ARINC 661 supplement 5, change as runtime modifiable the A661_NEXT_FOCUSED_WIDGET and A661_AUTO_FOCUS_MOTION parameters for interactive widgets
Support the BroadcastReceiver widget (new supplement 5 widget)
Add a default "empty" implementation for the NoServiceMonitor and MapHorzContainer widgets (new supplement 5 widgets)
The widget MapVertPanel is removed, because contrary to the MapHorzPanel widget, it was not added to the standard for supplement 5
Fix some last problems in the WebServer protocol
Add a new protocol.inputPortRedirect (for now only supported by the UDP protocol) allowing to redirect the input of a Server or Client to another output port
Remove the 30 limit for the pushMatrix / popMatrix stack (linked to the OpenGL stack) in the Embedded Server
Protect the Synth2 Look and Feel against a few possible bad XML definitions which could lead to a NPE (no Insets definition). More generally, add several protections in the Synth2 Look and Feel against badly defined synth2 XML files
Reorganize the Look model plugin architecture for the from/to Synth2 Look and Feel conversion
Support global CDS properties for the synth2 model in the conversion from and to synth2
Allow using custom Look Capacities files for the conversion from and to synth2
Fix blinkings for the Server MapItems
Support the notion of invalid coordinates in Maps projections. All standard ARINC 661 projections do not have any invalid coordinates, so this notion is not useful for standard conversion, but custom Maps projections can have points whose projection is not valid
Fix a bug introduced in 0.55 Beta 1 when a change a value for an ItemStyle could have no effect on MapItems
Fix a bug introduced in 0.55 Beta 1 when the change of value for the A661_VISIBLE property in at runtime was ignored for the MapItemList widgets
Fix an error in the compute of the size and position of the A661_GP_ARC_CIRCLE widget and the A661_SYMBOL_DEFN_ARC_CIRCLE symbol command when using a zoom factor with an X value different from the Y value

Posted by Hervé Girod 2013-01-31

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