0.55 Beta 1 released

Manage default values for undefined properties in the conversion from Synth2 Look and Feel specification to a Look definition model
When writing LookCapacities or the LookDefinition models, only write the parent "constants" or "tables" nodes if they are not empty
Take fonts into account in the Synth2 Look and Feel to the Look definition model conversion
Fix thread contention bugs which could happen in high throughput scenarios when several channels are receiving a huge amount of data at the same time (typically could happen for some multi-channel Maps scenarios)
When parsing a LookDefinition model, allow properties which are defined at the "state" scope in the LookCapacities to be set at the "StyleSet" scope in the LookDefinition
Fix the dotted line styles which propagated to elements which where not defined as dotted in the Embedded Server
Manage the width of lines in the Embedded Server
Fix the behavior of ComboBoxes and Sliders in the Embedded Server (which were not interactive in this mode)
Add a new check for the names of elements in the LookCapacities or the LookDefinition models
Fix an exception which would be thrown by the Editor when creating a widget which had a renderer before another one which did not have one
Fix a bug which made the A661_DATA_SCALING_FR180 widget not updatable at runtime
Fix a bug which made it impossible to send other parameters than A661_VALUE at run time to DataScaling widgets
Avoid some cases when MapItems could be updated during the same time they where used in MapItemList widgets
Fix the Client parser throwing a NPE on the parsing of a Definition File with DataScaling widgets
Fix the Halo around the A661_SYMBOL_DEFN_POLYLINE SymbolCommand not being closed if the Polyline definition is closed
Add a "cloneConfiguration method on the CommonConfiguration class which allows to control if the Client or Server configuration is cloned for each Channel or not
Add the capability to record and read scenarios in hexadecimal rather than Base64
Fix an abnormal high workload for the Server when using the Synth2 Look and Feel. The workload would be 50% on a single core without receiving any UA messages, it is now 0% in this same case
Use version 0.7.1 of the MDIUtilities library
Emit a proper ARINC 661 exception rather than throw a raw Java Exception when a MapItem sent by the Client has an ItemStyle which is not handled by the XML MapItems styles file
Fix an exception in the Client which would appear when parsing a cockpit configuration with a A661_GP_POLYLINE and a A61_SYMBOL_DEFN_TRIANGLE_FAN in certain conditions
Fix an exception in the Server which would appear at runtime if there is no TriangleSegment between a TriangleStart and a TriangleEnd in MapItems
When checking the validity of a LookDefinition, check that ComponentDefinition and WidgetDefinition have StyleSets
Avoid the throw an exception when parsing the configuration properties if some numeric properties contain spaces, rather parse them getting rid of the spaces
Fix the runtime type of the A661_SYMBOL_REFERENCE attribute, which was byte_1 when it is byte_2 in the standard
Add the A661_FONT runtime message for the A661_LABEL widget, allowing to change the font at runtime
Add the A661_PRP_XY runtime message for the A661_MAP_VERT widget
Add a server.projectionUpdateCap configuration property for the Server, allowing to cap the delay between two modifications of a Map coordinate system
Introduce a "yield" when looping through the loop of events for not blocking queues, when the event queue is not empty. This avoid to gobble the CPU load in cases where very high workload cyclic messages are managed by a queue fit to non cyclic messages
Fix the drawing of lines in the Embedded Server which had a small offset
Fix the Client sending an exception when parsing a Definition File with a MapHorzSource (or MapVertSource) without children
Fix a problem while using the Client API and receiving Server messages (some message where not seen by the API)
Protected the Server Wrapper against cases where the GUI menus could be null but still used and thus throw NullPointer Exceptions, depending on the properties configuration

Posted by Hervé Girod 2013-01-12

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