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0.54 Beta 5 released

Fix the reference point of the A661_MAPHORZ_PANEL and A661_MAPVERT_PANEL widgets (which was the top left whereas it should be the bottom left)
Allow to create a custom vertical projection in the projections extensions
Allow full configuration for the custom projections extensions
Avoid possible NullPointer exceptions in some rare cases when clicking on a MapHorz or MapVert widget
Fix the A661_CURSOR_POS_OVERLAY still sending events even if it is disabled
Fix an exception throwing when the user perform a CTRL-X action on a Layer or Definition File in the Editor
Fix the buffer bytes content presented in the Client Logger being null in all cases
Fix a NullPointerException throwing in certain cases by the SuperLayer window manager when changing the Layer in a Window to a NULL Layer, and then changing back to the previous Layer
Fix the widgets event definition incorrectly defined for the A661_POPUP_MENU and A661_POPUP_MENU_BUTTON
Fix the A661_LEGEND_ANCHOR MapItems management. The position of Legends after anchors was incorrect
Allow to orient legends alongside Segments for A661_SEGMENT MapItems (using the orientLegends property)
Fix an Exception which was thrown when trying to add a new widget under a Layer whose name was changed just after being created
Use version 0.6.4 Beta 4 of the MDIFramework library
Use version 0.7 Beta 5 of the MDIUtilities library
Change some signatures in the Client, Server and Editor to use URLs rather than Files when possible
Fix the Client not capable of sending several messages of different Layers in the same message
Separate the generic IO exception from the IO exception which happen when there is a tentative to bind to an address which is already bound
Improve performance of String rendering in the Embedded Server
Allow to move and resize sized containers (like A661_PANEL) in the Editor
Fix some rare exceptions when changing the current layout, for Layers which are connected to at least one other Layer in the cockpit configuration
Fix special characters not being correctly encoded or decoded in StringArrays
Fix the Scenario plugin recording empty scenarios each two recording after the first
Add a check which inform the user when the Network configuration is incorrectly defined and would prevent the recording of scenarios
Fix some remaining problems when starting the Server in an Applet
Add a new feature in the SuperLayer configuration file allowing to use the same Layer in several Displays, but declaring in the configuration file a new Application ID for several Layers. This allows to specify only one Layer, but using it as two different Layers in the cockpit
Show the layer appliID and layerID in the Client interface
Fix a problem in the Embedded Server which resulted in an offset from the real position of a click to the position managed by the Server
Fix an exception in the Embedded Server which could occur when drawing Strings
Fix a regression on the TCP protocol
Allow to use several layers with the same layerID (and different applicationIDs) in the Client java API
Return during the Server initialization to the user the attribute(s) which is (or are) not implemented if some attributes defined in the ARINC 661 XML model is not implemented
Log a "clean" exception in a configuration cockpit if a Layer referenced in a Window does not exist, or a default layer defined for a Window does not exist or is not a child of the Window
Fix growable arrays in the Editor and the Client not allowing to add rows if their content if empty
Fix a few mistakes for the hexadecimal IDs of the A661_CLAMPING property and the A661_DATA_SCALING_FR180 widget type
Avoid to emit Java Stack Traces when some widgets specified in a Definition File, or their associated renderers, are not defined, and emit a clean log message
Protect the synth2 Slider implementation if its Insets are undefined
Fix some Strings in Labels incorrectly not redrawn when modified in some cases in the Server
Allow to move unsized containers (like A661_BASIC_CONTAINER) in the Editor
Fix the scenario plugin only showing events in the scenario list when reading an existing scenario as "OUT", even if they are inputs
Signal a clear "error" in the Server, the Client, or the Editor if the same extension or Map projection is referenced more than once. The extension will not be loaded twice, avoiding to trigger nasty exceptions

Posted by Hervé Girod 2012-11-02

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