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0.53.1 released

Log the extensions names version and date in the Editor, Server or Client on the console

Fix the MapItems not being painted correctly in the case where the MapHorzSource was under a Connector

Allow to define which localization to use in the Synth2 Look and Feel

Fix the selection on MapItems not being sent correctly in some cases

Fix the Logger only keeping the last exception in the associated file, and log the version and date of the application when logging the first exception

Fix some bugs encountered in the SharedMemory protocol. Further simplify the Network protocol framework

Take care of the fact that some Layers can be accessed through connectors in Windowed Window managers. In some cases, changes in Connected Layers could be forgotten, or lead to an Exception

Fix some cases where selection of MapItems in Maps was not taken into account

Allow to use "serverInput", "serverOutput", etc... properties in the Network configuration file to share the same Network file between a Client and a Server

Use version 0.6.7 of the MDIUtilities library

Fix problems when loading a configuration in the Editor where some paths where absolute

Fix the ARINC ID of some special characters which were not conform to the standard

Fix the ARINC ID of the A661_SELECTION_MAP_EVENT widget event which was not conform to the standard

Check widget events inconsistencies of the widget events definition during the parsing of the ARINC 661 model

Fix cut/copy and paste using the Ctrl keys which was not working anymore in the Editor

Fix grouping widget in the Editor under a Container which could lead to exceptions

Fix cut / copy and paste under a Container in the Editor under a Container which could lead to exceptions

Fix widget which were seen as modified in some cases while just selecting them in the Editor without performing any modification

Fix an exception which would occur in the Editor if selecting a Container with children and deleting it

Fix some ConcurrentModification exceptions which could happen in some cases while iterating through MapItems to paint the MapItemList in the Server

Fix several bugs when parsing a Network definition, including the fact that default properties where no longer taken into account in this case

Add a button in the Editor Toolbar to create a new Definition File

Allow the user to add a new Definition File (the SuperLayer) to the list of Layers of a windowing configuration in the Client

Posted by Hervé Girod 2012-07-18

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