Hervé Girod - 2014-01-23

These two releases have exactly the same functions. 1.1 Beta 1 work on Java 7, and 1.2 Beta 1 is working on Java 8 (tested on b123). The reason why these two versions are different is due to the API differences for JavaFX between Java 7 (JavaFX 2.2) and Java 8 (JavaFX 8). After some time there might be more profound differences between the two branches (note that 1.2 is the new trunk).

The major changes compared to 1.0 are: the CSS-based Look for MapItems, new capabilities for the properties file(echo, ifndef, etc...), and also many new logged performance values in JavaFX. And the fact that the scenarios and the Embedded Client are fully working in JavaFX too. And several JavaFX bugs fixed.

Note that you will need a Java 8 JRE / JDK to execute (or build) 1.2 Beta 1.

Last edit: Hervé Girod 2014-01-23