IN the previous post (http://sourceforge.net/projects/j661/forums/forum/1223353/topic/7535562), I explained that we started work for decoupling the Server framework from the graphic library.

Well the work is mostly finished. We now have on the javaFX branch a full codebase which work on Swing or in javaFX, in the same way it worked with the frodo branch. I'm not sure it would be easy to make it work directly on Android using Android's Java, but just because we Java 7 will be the new requirement for using the project, as JavaFX is integrated in the JDK since Java 7. However work in OpenJDK suggest that it will be soon be possible to use javaFX apps on Android, iOS, as well as the regular Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms, so…

Alsmot all the 950 Unit Tests pass correctly on the Swing implementation, and it is possible to use the Server on JavaFX on cockpit environments  (using only JavaFX UI classes, we have Unit Tests which check that the core common and server don't have ANY dependencies to swing, awt or the graphic framework).

I must say that Imreally pleased on the way JavaFX is working. It is MUCH MUCH more simple to use for this use case than Swing (which will still be supported of course). Particularly,JavaFX use a scene graph rather than a simple container / children widgets relationships, so graphic shapes are first class citizens, whereas for Swing supporting graphic ARINC 661 widgets required a LOT of work. Also it open the way to very cool things, such as multittouch, 3D graphics, animations, and so on.

I will also shortly try to convert the core common and server code to ObjectiveC because it could be useful to use it as a starting point to convert to native code (C++ or ObjC). As I said there are no graphic dependencies on this code.

I will also shortly improve the documentation (javadoc and wiki) to explain how to implement the graphic framework.

As for the roadmap now, there are several maintained branches:
- 0.55 branch, which is a maintenance branch that we keep for an internal project. Very few evolutions or corrections will be performed on this branch.
- 0.56 branch, which is another maintenance branch. This branch will probably "die" before summer
- the trunk, which is only Swing compatible, and only required Java 6. We will still support it for a while
- the javaFX branch.

I will shortly publish the 0.56 and 0.57 final releases. A soon as the 0.57 final release will be published, the javaFX branch will be merged with the trunk, and work will mostly be performed there. However, 0.57 will probably have several point releases to address bugs or small evolutions.