Hervé Girod - 2013-04-11


Work on the decoupling of the Server framework from the graphic library has started. We have an intern in Dassault doing this work now, in the intent to have two graphic libraries: Swing (the current one), and JavaFX. What JavaFX will allow us to do in the near future is being able son to use the Server on iOS (and Android of course), since Oracle has announced in February that JavaFX would be supported on these platforms in the coming months.

This work use the 0.57 trunk as a base, and after that we will merge the trunk with this work, we won't have two different branches like for frodo (Android) some time ago. Of course like with frodo the behavior with the Swing implementation will be identical as the current behavior, users should not see any difference from the current 0.57.

Of course this work won't be too difficult to do, because we already did exactly that (but with Swing / Android rather than Swing / JavaFX) some time ago, with an older version of the code base).

Another capability which will be opened for us is the ability to convert the non graphic code to C/C++ or ObjectiveC. There is for example a Google project which allows to convert Java code to ObjectiveC, providing the code does not contain any graphic classes.

Stay tuned!