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Alpha 3 Performance Enhancements

The Surface and Wireframe geometry format have been changed for performance improvements. The new format eliminates many annoying internal index counters. As a result the engine is noticable faster and smaller. Only two Surface geometry examples are provided. The existing wireframe models are out of date and will be updated in the future.
To currently design your own surface models you might want to create a spreadsheet to calculate the surface normals.

Posted by Onno Hommes 2001-12-05

Alpha 2 Backface culling

The alpha 2 release support the Surface geometery and renders all faces that are facing the viewer. You can still look through facing surfaces but non-facing surfaces are not rendered.

Posted by Onno Hommes 2001-09-01

Alpha Release I

This first alpha release is intended to provide easier access to the J3DME library for testing and evaluation. The current release supports AWT, MIDP, WABA and the KJAVA. Samples and runnabble executables for PalmOS are provided for MIDP (midpElite) and WABA (wabaElite).

Posted by Onno Hommes 2001-07-19

WABA platform support

J3DME includes support for the WABA platform. The platform depencies of the renderer are all located in the net.jscience.j3dme.renderer package. This package contains a platform specific renderer for each supported platform. Current platforms are KJAVA and WABA. AWT will be available soon.

Posted by Onno Hommes 2001-06-10

Initial source tree imported

The initial source for j3dme is available for review and feedback. However there is no documentation and the source tree excludes Makefiles.

Posted by Onno Hommes 2001-05-24

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