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Hi !

Again my monthly update :

Currently I'm working on the client-side classloader. This requires some restructuring and I want to clean up some other code, too.

Since my semester at university is starting in two weeks, and I have to go to Berlin to try to get a fulbright scholarship (to spent one year in the USA), development of j3de will slow down a little in the next few weeks.

But I of course continue working on j3de in my spare time :) After the client-side classloader is done, the most "frame work" for j3de will be ready, so I can begin with the really interesting things ;)... read more

Posted by Niklas Mehner 2000-09-24

Monthly update

I had some problems with my development computer (windows crashed my c:\ partition so I removed it and installed linux) and was not able to work on j3de in the last week.

I put up a roadmap on the web page and hope to keep it up-to-date.
The first prototype will consist of two releases : One containing everything (client/server/source) and one containing the client only. I hope to have a j3de server running on my computer permanently by the time of the release.... read more

Posted by Niklas Mehner 2000-08-22

Project started ...

I am currently setting up the project pages and cvs. I hope to be able to release a first prototype, which shows some of the features of j3de within the next two month.

Posted by Niklas Mehner 2000-07-23