How to merge compiled .js to one file?

  • Anonymous - 2007-06-02

    I merge multiple compiled .js files to one file and add it by adding <script> tag to html.
    Resulting file contains of course Clazz.load and I retrieve message "Java2Script implementation error! Please report this bug!".

    Is it possible to merge compiled files?

    • Zhou Renjian

      Zhou Renjian - 2007-06-03

      You can read and net.sf.j2s.lib/build/build.xml to get an understanding of how to merget multiple compiled *.js files to one file.

      If you want use static <script> HTML tags instead of Java2Script ClassLoader, you should custom your own j2slib.z.js by not packing in ClassLoader.js. You can try this way, as early stage of Java2Script didn't have ClassLoader.js and ran correctly.


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