Any thought on the ideas of JavaScript SWT?

  • Josson Smith

    Josson Smith - 2006-01-13

    What will be the bottle neck of J2S' SWT?
    Is it feasible for the coming web application revolution?
    Any other technologies?

    Is it J2S' SWT just only interesting?

    Looking for further discussion.

    • Christian Sell

      Christian Sell - 2006-06-10


      looks interesting, but I am somewhat appalled by the  request to "enhance JDT" after install. I will not let a plugin manipulate my core eclipse install, so I am not sure how I can proceed..


      • Christian Sell

        Christian Sell - 2006-06-10

        to summarize - I see this as a first and currently unsurmountable roadblock for adoption. I suppose many people will object to letting a plugin write into the core eclipse code.

    • Josson Smith

      Josson Smith - 2006-06-10

      Feel easy to proceed. Java2Script backup the original org.eclipse.jdt.core_....jar for you. Or you can backup the JDT core jar yourself, and go on. Later you think you must restore the JDT core jar, you can do so.

      And I get your point of anxiety. It is about technical details of "enhance JDT core". As there are no enough extension points of JDT core to expose its inner compiling procedures for Java2Script to extend. So Java2Script is just enhancing the JDT core and adding an extension point for JDT core. If Java2Script compiler is not enabled for the Java project, JDT core do the same things as usual. Once Java2Script compiler enabled, Java classes are compiled to *.js first and then *.class.

      And as far as I know, GWT's JDT core may also be enhanced before it is released in GWT's package. So it's not an unacceptable way of enhancing JDT core.

      I also do not like the way of enhancing JDT core actually. It takes up lots of documents to explains and it seems buggy and it seems things will always breakdown there. I may reconsider the way of doing so.

    • Josson Smith

      Josson Smith - 2006-06-14

      Now there are no needs to enhance the JDT core jar now. Just check out the latest codes from Subversion repository.

      • Sal Ferro

        Sal Ferro - 2006-08-06

        Can you provide some quick info on how to setup and test this new version?  I would love to try to get that to work with the Eclipse web tools platform - it imbeds Tomcat, JSP functionality, web application management, all that.  *Very* helpful for developing j2s applications for J2EE.

    • Josson Smith

      Josson Smith - 2006-08-06

      Please visit
      Hope it will help.

      Or join j2s-development mail list:


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