#47 HashMap constructor bug


the following throws the browser error Error: uncaught exception: MethodNotFoundException:Method java.util.HashMap.putAll(java.util.HashMap) is not found!:

HashMap hm = new HashMap();
hm = new HashMap(new HashMap());

if I change j2s.java.core HashMap.java involucred constructor to the following, this works OK:

public HashMap(Map<? extends K, ? extends V> map) {
this(map.size() < 6 ? 11 : map.size() * 2);
((AbstractMap)this).putAll(map);//cancerbero_sgx. before was: super.putAll(map);

I attached the HashMap.java file with this fix. I don't have any clue about why the code throws the exception... :(


  • Sebastián Gurin


  • Sebastián Gurin

    a little further investigation. The bug is not only in the constructor but in all calls of super.putAll() in HashMap.java. For example, the following will fail the same as before:

    public static HashMap buildHM() {
    HashMap hm = new HashMap();
    hm.put("a", "aaaa");
    return hm;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    HashMap hm = new HashMap();
    HashMap hm2 = buildHM();
    hm.putAll(hm2 );

    but this will work OK :

    HashMap hm = new HashMap();
    hm.putAll(new HashMap());


    pd . unfortunately I can't fine an easy fix for this... :(


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