SSH2 support!

  • Atsuhiko Yamanaka

    Hi there,

    We are developing pure Java ssh2 implementation for J2ME/MIDP at .
    Today, we try to apply our hack to J2MEVNC
    and, after a few hour hacks, at last, it worked at least on Sun's Wireless Toolkit emulator!

    Here is a patch for CVS source tree,

    If you are interested in compiling it by your self, you need following files,
    and, then jar file must be obfuscated.

    For your conveniences, here are jar and jad files,

    After launching this midlet, you'll find newly added
    a checkbox for 'ssh2' and two textfields for
    'ssh2usr' and 'ssh2password'.
    If you check it and fill every fields and choose 'connect', SSH2 session will be established and this midlet will plug I/O streams to
    TCP port '' on remote host.

    Every suggestions, comments and requests, etc., are welcom at


    • Micheal Lloyd Lee

      Ohh, wow that is fantastic.

      Thank you very much.

    • Atsuhiko Yamanaka

      Hi there,

      I have improved the code to connect to VNC server, which is not running on ssh server.

      If you are interested in it, please refer to

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      So where do I get a download of the VNC client for my Blackberry 7510 that uses ssh to tunnel the connection between the BB client and the server?  I have to ssh tunnel a vnc port from my workstation to the gateway firewall, which I already do to support vnc on a roving laptop.  I want to be able to access the same vnc port from my blackberry as well, but I need ssh2 support.  So in addition to the name of the machine to connect to, and the vnc password, I also need to specify the ssh password and the ssh port.  Where do I get a download for a blackberry 7510 that will do this?  Thanks!  Please, if you could, send email to, as I do not check this forum frequently enough.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Followup to above post.  I am already using Idokorro ssh client for blackberry, but it doesn't seem to support port remapping.  :-(

    • jebler

      jebler - 2006-01-16

      I'm still learning j2me and haven't had nuch sucess yet, and I feel dumb asking this becasue it can't be hard, but! Can the username field be extended, and can a port number be allowed with the ssh server?

    • Alex Stumpf

      Alex Stumpf - 2006-09-20

      Hi Atsuhiko! (or is it "Hi Yamanaka!" ? :-) )

      Thanks for this interesting improvement to J2ME-VNC!

      I looked at the patch and saw that the connection is basically tunneled by just using the SSH2StreamConnection class. However, I did not see the class inside the patch nor inside the or libraries.
      Am I missing something in the big picture? 'cause I'd like to compile and test the client for myself as the ssh-version you provide on the jsch homepage wouldn't start on my device (K750i).


    • dachande

      dachande - 2008-11-13

      this is exactly what I've been looking for because my pc is behind a firewall and needs a ssh tunnel to access vnc.

      thank you so much

  • shiva305

    shiva305 - 2010-03-30

    please tell me the procedure how to execute this project set up set.


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