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J2EP 1.0 release

J2EP is a reverse proxy running on a Servlet 2.3 compatible engine. A reverse proxy proxies traffic to servers and not, like a standard proxy, outgoing traffic. A reverse proxy can be used when you want to give access to your internal server but not open the firewall for direct connections. Then the client can connect to the proxy and the proxy will connect to the server.

J2EP also adds some nice features like load balancing and rewriting of links, it is also designed to be very easy to extend. You can browse the manual for some more information at read more

Posted by Anders Nyman 2005-09-02

jEasy Extensible Proxy - Initial release

jEasy Extensible Proxy just did it's first (non developer) release. This is a reverse proxy running in a J2EE container and should be interesting for anyone wanting an open source reverse proxy, other then mod_proxy for apache.

The project is still only in it's alpha stage and there are numerous problems needed to be fixed. But don't hesitate to give it a try. It's rather stable and you can always build up some anticipation for what is to come, with it's easy XML configuration and extensible solutions.

Posted by Anders Nyman 2005-07-22

Initial commit

So, I did an initial commit to CVS just some minutes ago.
Hope to have a first release out on Friday.
Features for the release will be basic proxy handling allowing for GET, OPTIONS, HEAD and POST. This is just a bare minimal release but I think it is good to get a release out quick to allow people to follow the progress without having to use CVS.

Posted by Anders Nyman 2005-07-20

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