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JTrac / News: Recent posts

JTrac 2.1.0 released

JTrac 2.1.0 (final) has been released after having been in beta for a while.

This version uses Apache Wicket 1.3.1 and includes minor feature additions and bug-fixes.

JTrac is an easy to install issue-tracking web application built using Apache Wicket, Spring and Hibernate.

Translations are now available in: German, Greek, Spanish, Spanish (Argentina), Spanish (Mexico), French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portugese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese (China) and Chinese (Taiwan).... read more

Posted by Peter Thomas 2008-03-02

JTrac 2.1.0-beta released

- JTrac now uses Apache Wicket as the web UI framework.

- Improved user interface look and feel

- LDAP / Active directory authentication support

- other minor improvements and enhancements

Posted by Peter Thomas 2007-07-15

JTrac 2.0 released

JTrac 2.0 final has been released. This version includes numerous improvements and also features multi-language support. JTrac has already been translated into German, French, Italian, Polish and Dutch.

JTrac is an open-source issue tracker designed to be generic but allowing you to extensively customize custom-fields and workflow. JTrac is built using Spring, Spring WebFlow, Acegi and Hibernate.... read more

Posted by Peter Thomas 2006-12-13

JTrac 2.0-RC3-update1 released

Fixes a couple of serious issues:

- Fixed null pointer exception when updating item only when SMTP server is configured
- Adjusted DB connection pool (Apache DBCP) to prevent stale connections for MySQL
- changed boolean hibernate mappings to integer to avoid cross-database issues
- updated wrapper.conf for latest Jetty changes

Posted by Peter Thomas 2006-10-20

JTrac 2.0-RC3 released

JTrac is a highly customizable issue tracking web application written in Java using the Spring Framework, Spring WebFlow, Acegi and Hibernate.

New and noteworthy in this release:

* Support for anonymous browsing of projects
* Cross-reference items e.g "depends-on", "duplicate-of"
* Full text search using Lucene
* Numerous other improvements especially to project setup screens

Posted by Peter Thomas 2006-10-15

JTrac dev status & DB changes: important announcement

Please read the full entry here in the JTrac forums:

Posted by Peter Thomas 2006-09-14

JTrac 2.0-RC2 released

JTrac now comes bundled with Jetty and is far more easier to evaluate. You require only a Java 5 JRE to be up and running with JTrac, especially since an embedded HSQLDB database is used by default.

JTrac is built using Spring, Spring WebFlow, Acegi and Hibernate. Visit for more information.

Posted by Peter Thomas 2006-08-06

JTrac 2.0-RC1 released

The highlights of this release are the inclusion of E-mail integration and the Dashboard view. This should be the last release before 2.0 final.

Posted by Peter Thomas 2006-07-08

JTrac 2.0-EA1 released

An early access version of the JTrac generic issue tracker has been released. JTrac has been completely re-written to use the latest Spring and Hibernate versions.

JTrac has been updated to use the very latest version of Spring WebFlow (1.0-RC1) as well.

You can find out more at

Posted by Peter Thomas 2006-05-06