Tom Anakhia - 2012-10-18

Hi guys,

I am planning to test a jTrack as a replacement of a current ticket system. I have used jTrack in the past as a standard issue tracking system and I like it is highly customisable.

I have one question regarding Issue overview and filtering.
My system will be used by approx. 50 users and there will be only one workspace and two roles.  Very simple.
My question is - Is there a way how to enable each user to see only his issues i.e. assigned to his account. I would like to avoid all users see all issues, because there will be thousands of them.

That brings me to the other question - can you guarantee there are no performance issues, once the there are thousands of issues logged in the system?What database platform would you recommend? What is the supported attachment size?

Our ticket system needs to work with attachments say 100k-1MB for each ticket, so you can imagine that once we have thousands of tickets logged we can speak about GB of data.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.